Nelson Muntz

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Name: Nelson Muntz
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Eddie Muntz (Father), Mrs. Muntz (Mother), Lisa Simpson (Ex-Girlfriend), Bart Simpson (Schoolmate), Milhouse (Schoolmate), Mrs Krabappel (school teacher), Principal Skinner (principal), Otto (bus driver),
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Nelson Muntz is a reoccurring character in the animated TV series, The Simpsons, and its related media.


Nelson is a bully at Springfield Elementary.



Nelson is most often paired with Lisa Simpson who he briefly dated in Lisa's Date With Density although after he lied to her, she chose to break things off. Despite this in later episodes their past relationship has been referenced and it has been implied that they still have feelings for one another.

After the episode the Haw-hawed Couple where he and Bart end up becoming best friends when Bart is the only one to show up to his party, Nelson began to be shipped with Bart too.

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