Bart Simpson

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Name: Bart Simpson
Occupation: Student
Relationships: Homer (Father), Marge (Mother), Lisa (Sister), Maggie (Sister), Patty (Aunt), Selma (Aunt), Grampa (Paternal Grandfather), Mona Simpson (Paternal Grandmother), Jackie Bouvier (Maternal Grandmother), Clancy Bouvier (Paternal Grandfather), Milhouse (Schoolmate, best friend), Nelson (Schoolmate, bully), Mrs Krabappel (school teacher), Principal Skinner (principal), Otto (bus driver), Krusty the Clown (childhood hero)
Fandom: The Simpsons
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Bart is a main character in the animated TV series, The Simpsons, and its related media.




Bart is commonly shipped with his best friend Milhouse, who doggedly hero worships him. Bart's treatment of Milhouse depends on the writer, but several episodes show him having an affection for his friend and simply being bad at expressing it.

Bart/Nelson gained some ground thanks to the episode "The Haw-Hawed Couple," where Nelson latches onto Bart after the latter's the only one to attend his birthday party. The two have also worked together on several occasions.

Sideshow Bob is a popular romantic partner for an older Bart due to their obsession with each other. Bob is constantly trying to kill Bart, but many episodes show that he can't bring himself to (and one Treehouse of Horror shows him succeeding only to end up missing Bart). Bart, on the other hand, sometimes regards his nemesis with amusement. There have been times where Bob and Bart work together.

In terms of het, Bart is shipped mainly with Sherri or Terri, who pick on him but may also harbor immature affections for him. He's had many girlfriends throughout the series, though none of these relationships last due to his immaturity (or in the case of Laura Powers, her being much older than him).

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