Lisa Simpson

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Name: Lisa Simpson
Occupation: Schoolgirl
Relationships: Marge (Mother), Bart (Brother), Homer (Father), Maggie (Sister), Ralph (classmate), Nelson (one-time boyfriend), Martin (rival smart kid), Milhouse (neighbour/has a crush on her) Patty (aunt), Selma (aunt), Jackie Bouvier (maternal grandmother), Grampa (paternal grandfather), Mona Simpson (paternal grandmother).
Fandom: The Simpsons
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Lisa is a main character in the animated TV series, The Simpsons, and its related media.



Lisa is a divisive character among the fanbase. Fans who hate her think she's a self-righteous environmentalist who never shuts up and is needlessly cruel to Bart, who has displayed a troubled side under his bad behavior. Some fans actively cheer at her misfortunes, finding it "satisfying" to see her suffer or not get her way. Fans of the character, however, are able to look past her flaws and see a troubled girl whose age and lack of life experience cause her to go overboard, in addition to pointing out that despite Lisa's nastiness to Bart, Bart is no angel and has treated her pretty badly in the past.


Lisa is commonly shipped with Nelson Muntz, on whom she had a canon crush and is implied to still have feelings for. Bart's friend Milhouse van Houten has a crush on her and is a fairly popular pairing as well, due to Lisa returning his feelings every now and then. The series' canon prospective future episodes have them married with a child, though Lisa isn't entirely satisfied with the marriage and still talks to Nelson.

An issue of the Bongo comics had Martin Prince develop a crush on Lisa, and her rejecting him even though she appreciated his feelings.

It's also fairly standard to ship Lisa with the few true female friends she's made, especially Juliet Hobbes from the episode "Lisa the Drama Queen."

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