Midsummer Santa

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Name: Midsummer Santa, Midsummer Sekrit Santa
Date(s): 2005-2007, 2009-2013
Moderator(s): mergatrude
Founder: brooklinegirl
Fandom: Canadian 6 Degrees
Associated Community:
URL: AO3 collection
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The name and url changed from year to year, but a "midsummer" secret santa for non-Due South C6D fandoms was held between 2005 and 2013, first hosted on livejournal and then on AO3. Signups were in June, and the completed fanworks were posted in August.

In 2007 brooklinegirl commented that "The concept came from me not wanting to sign up for any Canadian fandoms for yuletide, since I was pretty much certain I'd end up writing about them on my own sometime, anyway. And I wanted to provide a venue to encourage that writing to actually occur!"[1]


In 2005 Midsummer Sekret Santa was a fic exchange for stories at least 1K in length featuring "Anything with either Paul Gross and/or Callum Keith Rennie in it, besides Due South. It doesn't have to be both PG and CKR."[2] RPS was allowed but not announced because "I didn't want to confirm nor deny it (what with the rather, uhm, heated opinions regarding it.)"[2]

The stories were posted to the account midsummer_fic. Rules and announcements were posted to the community midsummer_santa.


In 2006 the challenge took place in the midsummer2006 LiveJournal community. Brooklinegirl introduced the rules thusly:

Well, we're back, and that's right, people, we are expanding the love. We have for you the Canadian Brat Pack, or Six Degrees of Due South, if you will. So here is the plan: you can ask for/offer to write for any movie/TV show character played by the following Canadians, who are oh-so-close to our hearts:
Paul Gross
Callum Keith Rennie
Sandra Oh
Molly Parker
Don McKellar
Hugh Dillon
James Allodi
Peter Outerbridge
(And sorry, internets, but only these particular Canadians are allowed. David Hewlett may, indeed, be awesome, but he's not part of our ficathon.)[3]


In 2007 the exchange was hosted in the LJ comm midsummer2007.


In 2009 the exchange was modded by mergatrude. The new community was midsummer2009.


In 2010 the exchange was modded by and hosted at the c6d_universe community.[4]

A core list of fandoms was enumerated to make matching easier: Canadian RPF, Double Happiness, Eastwick, Flashpoint, Hard Core Logo, Last Night, Men With Brooms, My Life As A Dog, ReGenesis, Slings & Arrows, and Wilby Wonderful. Participants were required to include two of their fandom requests from this list.


In 2011 mergatrude modded the exchange again and moved it to the AO3.


In 2012 fanart, podfic, fanmixes, and vids were allowed in the exchange.


In 2013 the fanwork types allowed were "Anything! Seriously, if you can upload it, or send it, or hand-deliver it by the deadline, you can make it!"[5]


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