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Name: Mel Keegan
Also Known As:
Occupation: professional author
Medium: books
Official Website(s): The Official Website of Mel Keegan
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Mel Keegan was an author of several books for The Gay Men's Press in the 1990s, and now publishes through Dreamcraft.

Keegan's first book "Ice, Wind, and Fire" had a very slash-like quality to it, resulting in several discussions about Filing Off The Serial Numbers‎. (See Fans Turned Pro.)

Relationship to Fandom

Other fans have openly stated that they recognize Keegan's work from Professionals zines.

Mel Keegan's Ice, Wind and Fire is not the only fan novel to have been rewritten and published, of course. There's another which is an almost word-for-word copy of an S/H novel. Afraid I don't remember the title or author of either the zine or the pro novel, but if you see it on store shelves you'll know it [1] [2]



  1. This novel is The Cost of Love.
  2. from Cold Fish and Stale Chips #10