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Title: Medicine
Author(s): Suzie_Shooter
Date(s): 22 October 2020
Length: 3,833 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Medicine (AO3)

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Medicine is a Yassen/Alex story by Suzie_Shooter.

Written for the kinkmeme prompt:

"Maybe during a mission, Alex gets dosed or injected with some type of trial drug that will kill him if he doesn't get the cure, but the only cure was in the building that he just blew up. Somehow, Alex finds out that he can also be cured by drinking Yassen's semen, maybe Yassen telling this to Alex and coercing Alex to suck his cock or maybe Alex discovers the information himself and reluctantly seeks Yassen out for a blowjob. I would prefer Alex as incredibly unexperienced and for this to be his first time giving a blowjob while Yassen vocally guides him through it, maybe even including praise kink or humiliation kink?"

Recs and Reviews

The other fic in response to the prompt of “Alex is given a serum that makes him feel good when he tells the truth” except this one is praise kink while the other is humiliation kink! Specifically focused on a smoking hot blowjob and Alex’s reluctance turned enthusiam, plus, there’s a second chapter, just in case one dose of the antidote isn’t enough.[1]

Alex Rider Ship Week


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