Mazzola Jackson

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Name: Mazzola Jackson
Alias(es): MazzolaJackson, Mazzola J., Mazzola Jackson Snape
Type: fan writer, archivist, fantranslator
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Grimm, Harry Potter, NCIS
URL: MazzolaJackson at AO3
Mazzola Jackson at FFN
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Mazzola Jackson is a Brazilian fanwriter, translator and pro-author, popular for his Brazilian Portuguese translations of slash fanfiction from the Harry Potter fandom.


Even deaf, Mazzola always liked music mainly by Michael Jackson, so he adopted the singer's last name, also signing MJ as his idol. In mid-2012, fellow author Andhy-Chan gifted Mazzola with a Snarry AU with angel!Harry and demons!Severus, entitled Chance of Redemption: The 7 Realms published at Spirit Fanfiction.

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