Marisa Stole the Precious Thing

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Date Started: August 10, 2006
See Also: MAD, Animation Meme, YTPMV
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Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (Japanese: 魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました) is a Touhou Project fansong created by the doujin circle IOSYS. The music video of the song became a meme on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube, primarily in the form of a MAD, YTPMV, or Animation Meme. The original video can be viewed in full and in HD (reuploaded) on YouTube here.

The first derivative of the video was posted in February 2007.


The song is a remix of "Doll Judgement - The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes" from Touhou 7 (Perfect Cherry Blossom), released on the album Touhou Maidens' Orchestra at Comiket in 2006. The song itself is a shipping song about the pairing Alice Margatroid/Marisa Kirisame, a popular pairing in the Touhou fandom.


The song quickly became popular on Nico Nico Douga, inspiring many spinoff MADs, typically featuring characters from other fandoms in the place of the Touhou characters in the music video. Some of these spinoffs were fully re-animated, while others were video edits.

Another form of MAD used clips of media to recreate the song, also known as a YTPMV (YouTube Poop Music Video) on western social media.

The video, like many MADs from the 2000s, also sees some popularity as an animation meme, with people often re-animating the video with their OCs or characters from a different fandom.




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