Maria-sama ga Miteru

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Name: Maria-sama ga Miteru
Creator: Oyuki Konno
Date(s): April 1998 - present (for light novels)
Medium: Novels, Anime, Manga
Country of Origin:
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Maria-sama ga Miteru (Saint Maria Watches Over Us or Marimite) is a light novel series that has also been adapted into a popular manga and anime. The series is often known to fans as Marimite, rather than by the full Japanese or translated English title.


Maria-sama ga Miteru is a slice of life story about several students at a heavily French-inflected all-girls Catholic high school, Lillian Academy. The school has a "soeur" (sisters) system whereby older and younger students are paired, providing much of the interpersonal drama that forms the show's core.


Maria-sama ga Miteru has a lively doujinshi scene in Japan and is best known on both sides of the Pacific for shoujo ai and yuri. One popular site for fan discussions and posting fanworks (mostly fanart and fanfiction) is the Marimite forums at [1].


Soeur-based pairings are some of the most popular, as one might expect, particularly nominal main character Yumi and her (older) soeur Sachiko.

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