Marimite 100

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Journal Community
Name: Marimite 100
Date(s): 1 September 2005, 3 July 2008
Founder: tabimendou
Type: F/F, drabble
Fandom: Maria-sama ga Miteru
URL: on LiveJournal

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Marimite 100 was a Maria-sama ga Miteru fan fic drabble community on LiveJournal. It ran weekly challenges and allowed posting of fics 100 words long. It was affiliated with gardenofmaidens and soeur_system, two other Maria-sama ga Miteru livejournal communities.

Weekly Challenges

New drabble challenges were posted on a Monday. Writers wishing to partake had a week to post drabbles for the current challenge, although it was okay to post drabbles for previous challenges. As of September 24, 2007 there were 61 challenges posted.