Shoujo ai

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Synonyms: Girls' Love, f/f, lolicon
See also: yuri, femslash, shounen ai
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Shoujo ai or shoujo-ai (少女愛 lit. "girl-love") is used in English and some other languages as the opposite of shounen ai; it is either synonymous with yuri or refers to non-explicit yuri content.[1][2] That is, it refers to the love between girls.

In Japanese, on the other hand, it refers to older men's interest in young girls (lolicon).


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  2. ^ "Event Yaoi - FAQ". Archived from the original on September 28, 2013. Le Yuri sonne d’avantage « pornographique » que Shôjo-ai, qui lui qualifie les relations soft ou suggestives entre femmes. [...] In France, Yuri tends to get a pornographic connotation while Shôjo-ai qualifies « soft » relationships or ambiguous friendships.