Malia Tate

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Name: Malia Tate
Malia Hale
Occupation: High school student
Relationships: Stiles Stilinski (boyfriend), Peter Hale (birth father)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Other: Portrayed by Shelley Hennig.
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Malia Tate was a main character on the television show Teen Wolf. She was a were-coyote and spent half of her life trapped in her animal form in the forest. Though she was raised to believe Mr. and Mrs. Tate were her parents, her biological parents are Peter Hale and a deadly were-coyote assassin known as The Desert Wolf. Malia initially believed herself to be responsible for the deaths of her adoptive mother and sister but later discovered via a repressed memory that The Desert Wolf killed them. Malia was in a relationship with Stiles Stilinski for multiple seasons before the pair split up. She later became romantically involved with Scott McCall.







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