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Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Malia Tate
Alternative name(s): Stalia
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: canon but broken up
Prevalence: fairly common
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Stiles/Malia or Stalia is the pairing between Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate on the television show Teen Wolf.


Malia was introduced in season 3 of Teen Wolf. She spent a large portion of her life as a coyote and was only turned back after Scott McCall and Stiles found her and helped her change back. After that, she spent a small portion of time in the Eichen House where her and Stiles first got together, as Stiles was there due to the fallout with the Nogitsune. After this, Stiles and Malia are a couple and form the connection of mates. Their relationship lasted until halfway through season 5 when they couldn't see eye to eye on an important topic. While their friendship remained in place, during season 6, it was obvious that Malia still loved Stiles and would do what was best for him.


Stalia has a decent following on Tumblr, and it's fairly common on Archive of Our Own[1]; however, Stalia gets a lot of flack in the fandom. Haven't got a fucking clue why tho, all the stydia (stiles and lydia) fans keep bashing 'em when it should be them getting bashed


When Malia was first introduced to the show, it was with the premise that Malia was nine years old when she went missing and that she spent eight years alone in the woods as a coyote.[2] Many people were uncomfortable with the fact that Stiles and Malia got together so quickly when Malia effectively should've had the human mental capacity of a child. This argument normally boils down to a dislike for how the character was handled because most people agree that nothing about how Malia was introduced, character wise, makes sense.

Mastercherry explains:

Stalia? Not so much. I’m sorry Stalia fans. I like Malia fine just not as a romantic interest for Stiles. Mainly because it made zero sense to me. Like, seriously, zero sense. Hahaha how long exactly was she stuck in her coyote form? YEARS? And when she turns human again for the first time in YEARS we’re supposed to believe that she’s mentally mature enough and stable enough for high school AND a relationship with a fan favorite of the show?"[3]

This is echoed by fanfictionfridge: "There’s a part of me that’s skeeved by Malia being with Stiles. Malia has spent puberty as a coyote in the wild, and technically, she’s never had a chance to grow out of the emotional maturity of a nine-year-old. So when she hooks up with Stiles soon after returning to her human form, I’m left with uncomfortable questions. Does Malia really wants Stiles or is he just the first guy to want her so she gets attached to him? What if she believes Stiles is her mate because kids tend to obsess over the objects of their desire? What if she’s only with him because she’s afraid to be alone? In the end, I think something genuine grows out of their relationship over time, and Malia definitely matures into her own person. I just have a hard time trusting Malia’s judgment when it could easily be the result of a very narrow focus–but I’m not denying that the chemistry exists."[4]

Another part that is called into question is the fact that Stiles was under the influence of the nogitsune the first time they had sex. Some people see this as making it so both parties couldn't consent. Darkshadowbeauty states, "He knows nothing about this girl and then all of a sudden he has a one night stand with her in a mental hospital while he’s possessed? That’s horrible writing writers and then just the way they interact with each other throughout the rest of the series, it’s just their relationship made no sense to me."[5] Stilinskihalefamily-archive claims, "i’m just saying stiles totally should have lost his virginity to danny in 3x04 and not to malia in the grossest way possible."[6]

All the while, there are people who think that Stalia was a good fit. Thegirlnamedcove explains, "Because they’re both kind of dicks. Not bad people, but kind of dicks and in one another they found a partner who doesn’t flinch away from that part of them. It’s also why Stiles and Malia works. Malia would totally leave someone behind, maybe eat them, and Stiles would totally chloroform Liam for transport. (Frankly I agree with both plans, they’re very practical.) Two people who are good folks but kinda dicks, and found in each other someone who gets it."[7] Other people also saw Stiles as being very thoughtful and caring with Malia. Themythsbroughttolife states, "STILES WAS SO SOFT AND GENTLE WITH HER"[8]

Ship Wars

Through all this controversy brought ship war. This mainly included the top three ships that included Stiles Stilinski: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski also known as Sterek, Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski also known as Stydia, and of course Malia Tate/Stiles Stilinski also known as Stalia. Some people state that Stalia shippers as starting it[9], but there's no definite starting point of where this truly began. There have been people sending rude messages regarding people's personal OTPs[10] as well as others flooding the Tumblr tag of their NOTPs with hate. Some people have a "Stay in your own lane policy" like i-dont-speak-dumb: "You go ship your gross ships. I’ll be over here hating on them. The solution should be simple: don’t come over here."[11] On the other hand, there have been many calls for it to stop. Capricornscanfly sums it up nicely: "Idgaf if you ship Stydia, Sterek, Stalia, WHATEVER you better be nice and positive to other members of the fandom."[12]




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