MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on SteeleHoltingOn

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Interviews by Fans
Title: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on SteeleHoltingOn
Interviewer: MCU Wintershock
Interviewee: SteeleHoltingOn
Date(s): June 26, 2015
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe
External Links: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on SteeleHoltingOn, Archived version
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"What about Wintershieldshock as a trio appeals to you?

I probably have to answer question #2 first … I’d just started writing after a three year hiatus and was posting my Jane/Thor story. I didn’t know much about Bucky Barnes at that time, but dhauren’sSo The Fallen Shall Rise” series just blew me away with the way with how the three characters interacted. When I saw Captain America in April of 2014, Steve and Bucky’s backstory in the movie just trashed my emotional well-being. I NEEDED to fix that …

So to answer the question, it’s the idea that two guys from Brooklyn wanted a little bit of normal and didn’t get it. It’s the idea that Darcy is the newcomer, learning to be a part of what they have. It’s the idea that Bucky is really the leader, Steve the follower, and Darcy does a little of both."
"How did you first encounter it? We can blame twistedingenue, Merideath, dhauren, and nessimore for being the early writers of this trio on Ao3."
"Do you have any specific Wintershieldshock headcanons? Are there any particular fic tropes you like concerning the trio?

See above … I headcanon Bucky as the leader. Steve is so strong, but Bucky is the one person who can get him to toe the line. Bucky loves Steve enough not to hold him back but certainly picks up the pieces. I’ve written Darcy both ways in terms of her dynamic with the boys, so I don’t have a particular preference there. I definitely have a headcanon of Darcy being strong-willed enough to take on these two personalities and put her foot down when she doesn’t like something. She knows what she wants and she’ll go get it. How else does a poli-sci student end up practically an Avenger?

Gee whiz, fic tropes, that’s a tough one because most of the stories I’ve seen revolve around just a handful of themes. I do love the stories where Darcy moves in with the guys for whatever reason and they have to figure out the roommate-turned-lover situation. I like roommate stories in general, so yeah, that’s my catnip right there."
"Of the stories that you’ve written concerning them, which one is your favorite and why?

Ice and Fire. I’m so close to finishing the story, and I keep wanting to add things because I’m going to be heartbroken when I post the last chapter. I’ll have to do it on a weekend, because I’m going to be wrecked for a while–not because of a sad ending or anything, but just because I know it will be over. I have a smaller story I’ll post later this summer in the ‘verse, so it’s not like I won’t visit again, but it’s going to be difficult to let go after more than a year of writing it.

Why this story? I asked the question: what would happen if Darcy and Steve had a genuine, loving relationship that was every bit as real and healthy as the one Steve had with Bucky. How would all of them handle the situation? The entire story has unfolded from that concept. Throwing in Tony Stark as Darcy’s dad (OMG … thank you jadziabear for that one!) gave us instant family dynamics and a backdrop for this trio’s love affair. I wanted love to drive everything in this story, even as our trio made mistakes.

The other reason I love this story is because I think I’ve found my “voice” as a writer. I honestly had no idea anyone would want to read this kind of a story, but the feedback has been amazing. I finally have the confidence to craft the story I want to tell."
"What Wintershieldshock fic by someone else would you recommend to others to read? What about this fic appeals to you?

dhauren’sSo the Fallen Shall Rise” series – hurt/comfort, roommate fic, Darcy isn’t a pushover nor seduced. Pretty much all my catnip in a single story.

sevenfoxesThe Lewis Rule” and the sequel “Marry, Fuck, Kill” – if you need a good, falling on the floor laughing fit, this is it.

twistedingenueThe Many Stars That Guide Us” – this is a genuine romance, a little bit of angst, and with a happy ending. That’s my other catnip.

vintageprayersSea Change” – a story about the kinds of things we do for love.

i mushiMy Name on Your Skin” – there are a lot of wintershieldshock soulmate stories. I love the idea that Darcy had given up finding her lost boys, partially because she couldn’t see her own marks."