MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Dividedpoet

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Interviews by Fans
Title: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Dividedpoet
Interviewer: MCU Wintershock
Interviewee: Dividedpoet
Date(s): May 8, 2015
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe
External Links: MCU Wintershock Author Spotlight on Dividedpoet, Archived version
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"What about Wintershock as a pairing appeals to you? Well; I have two answers for that. In an AU sense, when you strip away all of Bucky’s baggage and leave him man-sized, I think they have complimentary personality types. The loyalest of sidekicks, sure. But they also have an ease with people and a straightforwardness about them that catches one’s attention. The way I see them, they take life in both hands and are affected by the emotions of those around them. In a canonical sense, I see how Bucky could feel at ease with a person like Darcy. She doesn’t pull any punches, her cards are all out on the table, it either works or it doesn’t. Since Bucky was taken up until “now” its all been order without explanation. Plus, you know, pain."
"How did you first encounter it?

There was this gif set AU. I can’t find it but I used to see it every time I searched the pairing; Darcy and Bucky are best friends, Bucky blew her off to go to a party to make out with girls and boys, Darcy is butthurt. Every time I saw that gif I developed desperate feels for them as a pairing.

I was already reading everything Avengers before they brought Bucky back in Winter Soldier. I’ve been known to ship Darcy with Clint or Bruce and Bucky with Steve. But being a predominantly Clint/Coulson, Bruce/Natasha, Steve/Tony fan, when Bucky was reintroduced and I started seeing him in stories…Darcy and Bucky just seemed like a perfect fit what with my aforementioned opinion on their personality types."
"Do you have any specific Wintershock headcanons? Are there any particular fic tropes you like concerning the pairing?

I tend to think of Darcy as an outwardly self-assured but measured and sarcastic woman that gets with the loud jokes when she’s either super uncomfortable or really drunk. Conversely, I tend to think of Bucky as a cocky guy, also sarcastic, that becomes measured when he’s uncomfortable (I think of Post-Soldier Bucky as perpetually uncomfortable).

Together, I enjoy the idea most that they’re comfortable around each other. That Darcy is disarming and unafraid of the soldier while he appreciates her because she holds no expectations. In that AU sense (which I love) I enjoy the way I typically see them interact, and the way I myself try to write. They aren’t needlessly dramatic characters, they have enough necessary drama. Furthermore, neither of them seem to be ones to play games. I enjoy seeing them like that, no “unnecessary” drama…if that makes sense."
"What Wintershock fic(s) by someone else would you recommend to others to read? What about this fic(s) appeals to you?

I’m afraid I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to Wintershock fics as I am fairly recent to the pairing. However, I do have a couple so far that I absolutely love because they have left such vivid impressions in my mind.

One that left the biggest impression to me was Wynn’s "That Which You Seek”: I would say this is not only my favorite Darcy/Bucky fic but also that it is a fic I have drawn many a character personality trait from. I enjoy the ease of their interaction, the way Darcy disarms Bucky. As I stated above, Darcy’s ability to disarm Bucky is one of my favorite headcanons. Of course I love that entire series, both stories are phenomenal. But that scene in the diner, and then all the bits after with the car and truck and woods left such an impression on me. I wanted to know who this broken man was that would fight to defend someone he didn’t know based on sight and a first impression.

Also “The Worst Loneliness” by JadeCharmer. This story possesses another one of my favorite things about them; Darcy’s “I don’t have time for your shit” attitude and Bucky’s responding drunken compliance. But again, we’re back to her ability to disarm him and my love for that. It also gives me even more feels because nothing really happens with them, she’s just there for him.

Oh! “And If I Call for You” by Wynn because it combines two of my favorite things; Modern AU and Bounty Hunter/Stephanie Plum style AU."