Lynne Gutshall

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Name: Lynne Gutshall
Type: fan artist, fan writer, zine editor
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV), Star Trek
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Lynne Gutshall is a fan artist primarily in the Beauty and the Beast fandom in the late '80s and early '90s. Her artwork has appeared in fanzines including:

She was also an editor of Heartsounds and wrote fanfiction that appeared in the zine: "A Rose by Any Name" (Issue 1) and "Of Beautiful and Impossible Things" (Issues 2 & 3). The latter story also appeared in Happily Ever After.

Lynne was nominated for a 1986 Surak Award for her cover of Datazine #44.[1]

Fan Comments on Lynne's Art

When I saw [Shadows of Light] for the first time, I just had to have it because of the wonderful cover artwork by Lynne Gutshall. It's extraordinarily hard to capture Vincent so well, and most times covers lose the grey-tones. Her artwork makes you feel that he is going to jump off the cover and (hopefully) into your arms.

-- Datazine, Issue 53, July/September 1988

Example Art


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