Heartsounds (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Heartsounds
Publisher: Datazine Publications/Penreddy Publishing
Editor(s): Lynne Gutshall and Kay Simon
Date(s): 1988-1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Heartsounds is a gen anthology. It is one of the first Beauty and the Beast zines published.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Lynne Gutshall. NOTE: some editions were either produced without the photo on the cover, or the photo later fell off.

Heartsounds 1 contains four stories and is 151 pages long. It was published in 1988. Authors are Lynne Gutshall, Kay Simon, and Jenny Dubler and it was edited by Guthall and Simon. The front cover and interior is by Lynne Gutshall.

  • A Rose by Any Name by Lynne Gutshall (4)
  • Grieg in the Park, by Kay Simon (6)
  • Resolutions by Jenny Dubler (114)
  • Vina's Story: Three Vignettes by Kay Simon (135)
- Vina's Story: Vina (137)
- Vina's Story: Catherine (139)
- Vina's Story: Vincent (146)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

This volume consists of one novelette, one short story and 3 vignettes. In the first story, Catherine is injured and lose her memory. Vincent and Catherine marry in the second, and 'Vina" is introduced in the vignettes. Outstanding art by Lynne Gutshall. [1]

Very well known lines from episodes are liberally sprinkled throughout the novella. Vignettes about Vina (Vincent and Catherine's child) are charming. Some wonderful artwork - a full color cover drawing by Lynne Gutshall and a picture of Vincent on Page 109 that smolders.

Print Quality - 3.7
Proofreading - 4.2
Sexual Content - 1.7
Plot - 3.7
Character Integrity - 3.5
Believability - 3.5 [2]

Issue 2

Heartsounds 2 was published in 1990 and contains 180 pages. It was edited by Lynne Gutshall.

The cover and all interior art is by Gutshall.

front cover of issue #2, Lynne Gutshall
back cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2, from Datazine #58

This zine contains a variety of stories set during the 1st and 2nd seasons.

  • A Happy Life by Rebecca Story (1)
  • The Gate by Glenn Gutshall (10)
  • To Reach Beyond the Silence by Linda Melnick (11)
  • Resurrection by Rebecca Story (33)
  • Love and Loved by Karen L. Mitchell (78)
  • Hands by 'Nea Dodson (79)
  • My Heart by Karen L. Mitchell (88)
  • Dear Diary by 'Nea Dodson (89)
  • Not So Secret by Sharon Wells (94)
  • The Once and Future Raccoon by 'Nea Dodson (95)
  • It is Enough by Karen L. Mitchell (110)
  • Once in a Full Moon by 'Nea Dodson (111)
  • The Child That Will Be by Sharon Wells (128)
  • Of Beautiful and Impossible Things by Lynne Gutshall (129)
  • Geode by Edith Crowe (179)
  • Heartsounds by Peter Balusong (back cover)

Issue 3

Heartsounds 3 was published in 1990, contains 130 pages as well as a centerfold by Lynne Gutshall. Lynne Gutshall is also the editor.

cover of issue #3, Lynn Gutshall, also used as the cover for "Heartsounds" #2, as well as Happily Ever After
  • Happily Ever After by Catherine Edwards ("Initially similar to 'A Gentle Rain,' Vincent compares his guilt to that of the 'criminal' Catherine has recognized Below.") (3)
  • Vincent, poem by Gina Johnson (32)
  • Dreamtide by Rebecca Story ("Recounts a was-it-a-dream stroll on the beach for Vincent and Catherine.") (33)
  • Lux Amoris, poem by Edith Crowe (54)
  • Of Beautiful and Impossible Things by Lynne Gutshall (continued from volume #2) (55)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

I was very disappointed and upset after reading the zine Heartsounds III by Lynne Gutshall. The beginning was supposed to have started where her last zine ended. Ill began in a very confusing way. Catherine is sick and possibly drugged but you do not know how. Paracelsus impersonates Vincent and rapes Catherine not once, but twice. How he got on Catherine's balcony is another mystery. I found this vile and upsetting. [3]

Volume 3 of the series contains more Vincent and Catherine story lines although buyers should be aware that in Part 2 of "Of Beautiful and Impossible Things, Paracelsus brutally rapes Catherine while disguised as Vincent. Ultimately Vincent helps Catherine through her pain and the story ends with a beautiful consummation scene. Breathtaking centerfold by Lynne Gutshall. Type varies from very large to very small. [4]

It was reassuring [during the discussion about the zine, Black Cover] to discover that I wasn't the only person baffled and bothered by some of the fan fiction out there. Since EVERYTHING seems to start a controversy these days - look at "The Black Cover" - I've refrained from bringing the subject up. However, the Catherine rape story in "Heartsounds III" and others like it are far too horrible for my taste. (I loved the rest of the series, however, and the art is gorgeous!). [5]

Issue 4

Heartsounds 4

  • Dreamtide 2 by Rebecca Story


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