Happily Ever After (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Happily Ever After
Publisher: Datazine Publications
Author(s): Catherine Edwards
Cover Artist(s): Lynne Gutshall
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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cover by Lynne Gutshall, also used as the cover for Heartsounds #3

Happily Ever After is a het 129-page Beauty and the Beast (TV) novel by Catherine Edwards. It includes several poems.

The art is by Lynne Gutshall.


  • Happily Ever After by Catherine Edwards (3)
  • Vincent, poem by Gina Johnson (32)
  • Dreamtide by Rebecca Story (33)
  • Lux Amoris, poem by Edith Crowe (54)
  • Of Beautiful and Impossible Things by Lynne Gutshall (55)