Luke Castellan

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Name: Luke Castellan
Occupation: demigod, former head couselor
Relationships: Hermes (father)
May Castellan (mother)
Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll (half-brothers)
Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace (former love interests)
Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood (former friends)
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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Luke Castellan was introduced in the first book of the Percy Jackson series, and died at the end of the series. He came to Camp Half-Blood in with Annabeth and Thalia.


Luke Castellan was born to May Castellan and Hermes. As a son of the crafty messenger of the gods, who is also notable the god of thieves and travelers among other things, Luke's relationship with his father was strained up until his death at the end of the series. However Luke inherited many of his father's godly traits; including his trickster personality that made him a clever and likable senior camper at Camp Half-Blood(particularly in the first book in the series, The Lightning Thief).

May Castellan was born as a mortal with a natural ability to see through the Mist. Unaware of the Curse of the Oracle that Hades had previously placed on whoever tried to assumed the role of the Oracle, Luke's mother was driven into madness when Luke was a baby. When Luke was 9 years old, his mother's mental instability drove him to run away from home, and this is where his hatred for his godly father, who left Luke and his mother in such terrible conditions, originated from.

After a few more years of living on the run, Luke eventually meets Thalia (daughter of Zeus) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena), fellow demigods like him. The three travel and fight off monsters together until they meet their protector Grover, and reach Camp Half-Blood, where Thalia sacrifices her life to save her friends from a hoard of monsters. (Zeus honors her heroic actions by turning her into a pine tree on Half-Blood Hill, to prevent her soul from going to Hades.)

Driven by his hatred for his father and his dislike of the gods' selfish actions over humanity, Luke later teams up with Kronos to take down the gods on Olympus, and this is the main conflict that goes on in the Percy Jackson series. Swayed by Kronos' promises of a better future for humanity and for demigods, Luke tries and fails to obtain the Golden Fleece in order to resurrect Kronos (The Sea of Monsters), aids Atlas in the capturing of Artemis in holding up the sky (The Titan's Curse), and the eventual succeeds in reviving Kronos by becoming his half-mortal vessel(The Battle of the Labyrinth). In the final installment of the series (The Last Olympian), Luke (possessed by Kronos), attacks Olympus and leads the war against the gods. Luke/Kronos becomes the final challenge Percy and Annabeth face in saving the world from destruction. At the end of the series Luke dies a hero, stabbing himself in his Achilles Heel and becoming the true hero in the prophecy. Luke dies, and Kronos is effectively defeated.

The Percy Jackson series ends with Luke Castellan being honored as a hero, prompting the gods to reform their ways and treat their children with more consideration to prevent such catastrophes from ever happening again.


Luke, despite being the antagonist of the Percy Jackson series, was often seen fondly by his friends at Camp Half-Blood. One of the most senior members of the camp, Luke was a guy with a crafty and witty personality, and was obviously very loyal to his fellow demigods. Before his hatred of the gods led him to betray his friends and join Kronos, Luke was a well-respected member of the demigod community, known for helping new campers get on their feet and training other demigods to survive in the outside world, (as seen in The Lightning Thief with Percy Jackson). In several instances through the series, it is implied that Annabeth Chase had a crush on Luke, before she later fell for Percy Jackson.


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