Lucy Stillman

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Name: Lucy Stillman
Occupation: Genetic memory researcher (Abstergo Industries)
Undercover Assassin
Relationships: Canonly had feelings for Desmond and Clay
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Other: Voiced by and modeled after Kristen Bell
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Lucy Stillman is a character who appeared in Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, The Lost Archive DLC of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, as well as the French comic series produced by Les Deux Royaumes.

She was introduced in AC1 (Assassin's Creed I) as an Abstergo employee, but revealed to Desmond by the end of the game that she was an undercover Assassin. Desmond and Lucy grew close over AC2 (Assassin's Creed II) and ACB (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood), however at the end of ACB Desmond was taken over by Juno and forced to kill Lucy.

The Lost Archive DLC showed that Lucy had actually turned to the Templar side and was assigned to infiltrate the Assassins. Many fans were disappointed and angry at this plot twist, and garnered outrage from fans of the character (see quote below). However, it must be noted that Lucy Stillman was never the most popular character within the fandom, likely due in part because AC's progressive move from its modern day storyline with each new game, and is generally fairly well accepted now (circa 2021 as of writing).

Initial Reactions

Here’s the bottom line about this storyline: Ubisoft fucked it up SUPER BADLY.

The original scene gives us the idea that Desmond is an instrument of Juno, unwillingly, and it also gives us the cryptic words the cross darkens the way. It’s an opening for a huge clusterfuck of an interesting storyline and, I’ll admit, while I was upset about Lucy’s death, I was intrigued.

But then, instead of giving Lucy’s character the respect and understanding she deserved — she was abandoned, alone, threatened, afraid, a lion caught and used for her intelligence and emotionally manipulated into believing she was truly lost and forgotten by the assassins — they threw in this half-assed “Yeah, I killed her.”

And the full reveal that Lucy was, in fact, working for the Templars? IN A FUCKING DLC. Not even fucking discussed or given the proper attention in a FULL GAME until AC3, and then it’s just “Why did she do it? Oh, right, who the fuck cares because we’re wrapping up this shindig sloppily in the next 10 hours LET’S GO BACK TO CONNOR.”

Ubisoft killed off an interesting and dynamic character, threw away any hope for an arc of closure and understanding, and barely gave a justification or a motive for Lucy’s defection and change.


More Recent Reactions


  • Desmond Miles/Lucy Stillman: quasi-canon. In Revelations, Shaun states Lucy told him she likes Desmond. Lucy and Desmond also shared a kiss in the Les Deux Royaumes comic book, but this comic is officially not canonical. This is the most common Lucy ship in fanworks.
  • Clay Kaczmarek/Lucy Stillman: AC writer Jeffrey Yohalem confirmed on Twitter that Lucy was in love with Clay.[2] Additionally, some fans interpret certain lines of Clay's dialogue to be referencing an intimate relationship with her, but it is unclear due to his mental state at the time. This ship was popular for a while but has died down.