Clay Kaczmarek/Lucy Stillman

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Pairing: Clay Kaczmarek/Lucy Stillman
Alternative name(s): ClayLucy
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Canonical?: Yes (possibly one-sided?)
Prevalence: Somewhat rare
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Clay Kaczmarek/Lucy Stillman is a rare-ish ship in Assassin's Creed fandom.

When asked on Twitter if Lucy was in love with Clay, Jeffrey Yohalem, an Ubisoft writer, said "I believe so, yes.".[1]

Lucy and Clay tweet from J Yohalem.png

Fan Perspectives

#I ship them in more of a friend ship than anything else #like just cute shit when Lucy and Clay would be alone after Warren left for the night[2]

Some fans have issues with the ship in light of Lucy being revealed as a traitor to the Assassins, or in light of their uneven power dynamic:

I thought that after playing The Lost Archives DLC I would better understand why people shipped Clay and Lucy together- but all it did was make me question it more. I don’t understand why people like it, if anything it just squicks me out. At best I can only see it as a very emotionally unstable/one sided relationship.[3]

Some fans interpret certain lines of Clay's dialogue to be possible references to an intimate relationship he had with her:

Well... in one of the clusters in AC2 he mentioned to be in bed with a woman.. But I don't know if he's talking about one of his ancestors or about himself. But if he's talking about himself it could be Lucy, because he's talking in presence o.o[4]

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