Desmond Miles/Lucy Stillman

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Pairing: Desmond Miles/Lucy Stillman
Alternative name(s): DesLucy
Gender category: F/M
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Canonical?: Sort of
Prevalence: Somewhat common
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The pairing of Desmond Miles/Lucy Stillman is a ship in Assassin's Creed fandom since the release of the first game.

Dialogue in Revelations hinted at canonical romantic feelings between the two:

William: Were they close, Desmond and Lucy? I mean… closer than friends?

Rebecca: Ah… Well, there was the occasional misty-eyed moment, but–

Shaun: She liked him, Bill. That’s what she told me.

William: Hmm. Interesting.

Additionally, in a non-canonical comic series, Desmond and Lucy share a kiss.

Some fans theorized that Lucy was meant to seduce Desmond so that she could carry his child and gain access to his ancestral memories.[1]

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Fan Perspectives

Desmond and Lucy had sex! Remember Lucy's schedule in that e-mail in Brotherhood? There is one particular day where Desmond and Lucy are left to themselves while Shaun and Rebecca go out for supplies or whatever. In the platforming sequence in the beginning, there is a great deal of chemistry between the two and additionally (this is the best part), towards the end of the game where they drive to the colloseum, we see them exchange awkward glances. Why did they put that cinematic there? What purpose does that serve other than to reinforce my theory! Subject 16 says something about a "son"! And maybe when Juno refers to someone being "birthed from the loins" of one of the TWCB and the enemy, it was their yet-to-develop embryo she was talking about. Think about it! Their relationship is a perfect recreation of Maria (who works for the templars) and Altair's (an assassin). And that is exactly why Desmond is forced to stab lucy in the gut --Where the embryo is! Maybe Lucy was always on the Templar's side but harbored a great deal of pity for Desmond which eventually turned into feelings for him and became an assassin.[2]

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