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Name: Laura Mason
Alias(es): lorie945
Type: Author, List Moderator
Fandoms: Highlander, Due South, The Lord of the Rings, Mary Renault fandom, The Faculty
URL: (Laura Mason's Fanfiction)
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Laura Mason was a long-time member of fandom, and founded the Duncan/Methos mailing list. She wrote in several fandoms, and participated in the Highlander 'Schmarlequin' challenge The Tempering Forge, a predecessor of the Harlequin Challenge. She was strongly involved in The Lord of the Rings fandom, and wrote in Mary Renault fandom as well. She passed away on March 27, 2009 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

In Highlander fandom

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In Due South fandom

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In Lord of the Rings fandom

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From Strange as News From Bree:

A bright shining star in the interspecies world. Her stunning AU Beyond universe is not to be missed. She also writes breathtakingly hot Frodo/Eomer.

In Mary Renault fandom

Involvement in maryrenaultfics

Laura was one of the original members of the maryrenaultfics LiveJournal community, making her first post[1] on the day the community was established. She was the first person in the community to make a post about the differences between the 1953 and 1959 editions of The Charioteer[2], participated in the 2005 The Charioteer chapter-by-chapter discussions in the community, and was a driving force of the 2007 chapter-by-chapter discussion that focused on the differences between the editions.

Fan fiction

Laura's best-known story in the Mary Renault fandom is probably a The Charioteer story "The Beloved"[3], written for the "Wedding Night" challenge[4] in the maryrenaultfics community. In a completely different vein, she also wrote the humorous "If Pricks Could Talk", a first-person take on life by "Big!Bad!Boo, Bunny's favorite appendage";[5] twisted the conclusion of The Charioteer into AU tragedy in "November, 1950";[6] and explored a possible future for Andrew in "1958"[7] and its two sequels. "Long Ago and Far Away",[8]written for NaNoWriMo 2006, took the characters of Ralph and Laurie into a post-World War II Wrightsville murder mystery in a crossover with Ellery Queen.


Laura will always be remembered for introducing the character Ava Avocado into the ITOWverse of maryrenaultfics. After her death from cancer in 2009 she was honoured by the community by being written into the ITOWverse as "The Secretary", a permanent resident of the clubhouse.

For Lorie

For Lorie was produced by The Three Hobbit Stooges (aka, baranduin, claudia603, and trianne). It consists of:[9]

The book is available in several formats:

  • paperback perfect bound with black & white illustrations ($21.51)
  • paperback spiral bound with black & white illustrations ($21.51)
  • paperback perfect bound with color illustrations ($50.63)
  • paperback spiral bound with color illustrations ($50.63)
  • hardback with color illustrations ($53.05)

$8.00 will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund from the sale of each book. The remainder of the price represents the cost to produce each copy.


  • "Untitled" by Cassie
  • "In the Morning Light" by Mews1945
  • "Hero by Frodo Baggins of Bag End" (FBoBE/”Febobe”
  • "Waves of Emotion" by Lyrastar77
  • "Never Too Late" by Shirebound
  • "Loving Frodo" by Angharad001
  • "Love’s First Bloom" by Addie71
  • "Secret Place" by Primula Baggins
  • "At Pale Evening" by Mariole
  • "From the Journal and Sketchbook of Calla Brandybuck" by Dreamflower
  • "The Bookbinder and the Hobbit" by Baranduin
  • "Sam’s Hands" by Melyanna_65
  • "How Do You Feel?" by Arabia764
  • "The Mallorn Tree" by Easterlily41482
  • "A Question of Protection" by AngieT
  • "Acceptance of Absence" by Honeyandvinegar
  • "Life After Delilah" by Ink Gypsy
  • "Night Safari" by Iorhael (Shinta Harini)
  • "A Strong and Loving Heart" by Ithiliana
  • "The Healing Heart" by Aprilkat
  • "Autumn Sunshine" by Lyrastar77
  • "A Loaf of Bread and Thou" by Hanarobi
  • "A Commotion About a Potion" by LadySunrope
  • "Ever It Was So" by Trianne
  • "Big Folk" by Ink Gypsy
  • "Between" by Beruscats
  • "Star + Dust" by Azrhiaz
  • "Catch" by Singe
  • "Too Long To Wait: Menagerie" by Claudia
  • "Partners by Slipperieslope
  • "Making Spirits Bright" by Breon Briarwood
  • "Lavender Dreams" by Lovethosehobbits
  • "The Age of Enlightenment" by Elycia
  • "Tending" by Claudia
  • "A “Beyond” Universe Drabble" by Lily Baggins 5
  • "The Sunday Tea and Fic Challenge" by Poicale and TrueRiver
  • "Brazil" by Trianne
  • "The West Wind" by Gentle Hobbit
  • "Three Words" by Hewene (sayhello)
  • "Some Seasons" by Sophinisba
  • "The Hobbit and the Storyteller" by Ourdramaqueen
  • "Periwinkle Fucking Blue Sky" by Baranduin
  • "The Butterfly River" by Ismenin (Ru)
  • "Unlikely Places" by Elanor Gardner

List of Illustrations

  • Front and Back Covers of Lorie's Copy, Photographed by Hanarobi
  • Spine and Endpapers, Photographed by Hanarobi
  • Claudia and the Book, Photographed by Hanarobi
  • "Frodo" by Slipperieslope
  • "Soft" by Estelanui
  • "From the Journal and Sketchbook of Calla Brandybuck" by Dreamflower
  • "Rohan Horse" by Lily Baggins
  • "Partners" by Slipperieslope
  • "The Sunday Tea and Fic Challenge" by My_Cnnr
  • "Sea Dream" by Baranduin
  • "Unlikely Places" by Daffodil Bolger
  • "Hope" by Notabluemaia