Harlequin Challenge

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Synonyms: Schmarlequin Contest
See also: challenge
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A Harlequin Challenge is a challenge where it is the point to embroil characters in "Harlequin" or "Mills and Boon" type romance novel scenarios.

Highlander fandom held such a challenge called The Schmarlequin Contests from 1998-2000.[1]

In 2005 a Harlequin Challenge was launched on sga_flashfic[2] and seems to have inspired a new wave of Harlequin style fic. The SGA version was suggested by members of the primenotprime irc chat and it is as of this writing the most popular challenge the community has ever run.


Other fandoms have since run Harlequin challenges and other communities have been formed about Harlequin fic. These include:


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