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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Strange as News From Bree
Author: Claudia
Dates: active in 2004
Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
URL: (Wayback)
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Strange as News From Bree is an author page with Lord of the Rings slash, RPS, and gen fanfiction and a links page. It was hosted by

Here you will find Frodo-centric Lord of the Rings fan fiction by Claudia, including both short and multi-chapter stories. I have a miniscule amount of RPS (real person slash). Also, I have links to other sites. My fan fiction is divided into Slash (a subgenre of fan fiction that includes situations containing sexual situations between two members of the same sex) and General (mostly hurt/comfort, though some general adventure), in which there is NO slash, sexual situations, or profanity.

The page is linked at the Anuonnen archive as Claudia's Lord of the Rings Fanfiction.


Official Sites

Slash Frodo_Slash fanfiction archive

This is a wonderful collection of fiction in which Frodo is the main character. Includes both slash and gen. This is not complete as not all the fics have been uploaded here. Also, the index of this site has been down for quite some time, though the actual fics are up if you know the actual address for them.

Slash, General

Well, you have to get through a lot of dreck to get to the gems, but when a gem is discovered, it's well worth the time. Some slash, but it is mostly gen.

Slash Library of Moria

Another anything goes archive that is primarily slash. Again, it is a crap shoot whether or not you'll find dreck verses a gem, but sometimes it's worth the search. And every conceivable pairing!

Slash Baranduin's Interspecies Links

Baranduin has pulled together as many interspecies slash links as she could find and put them in one place. This is NOT a recs site, but just a collection. While some of the links may not be current, it is an ideal starting place for a person who prefers interspecies slash.

Slash, General Hobbit Website Database

A comprehensive list of all sites, both personal and official, all Yahoo lists, Livejournal communities, etc., that deal with hobbits. You could get lost here.

Slash Anuonnen, a male preg archive

General Stories of Arda

A user friendly archive with mildly screened general LOTR fics.

Slash, General West of the Moon

A place for screened LOTR fic. Mostly hobbitslash and gen fic.

Personal Sites

General ancalime

Ancalime writes delightful Shire hurt/comfort. My favorite was "First Yule Alone." But that has been replaced by a second favorite and one dear to my heart "A Little Walk." Aieee! Frodo angst extraordinaire! And well, she posts a lot of pictures and stuff. :-)

General, Slash Aratlithiel

Aratlithiel writes lovely angst and does humor splendidly, too. "Of Dwarfish Ale and Battle Scars" is a personal favorite.

Slash Azrhiaz's Fiction

She mostly writes Real Person Slash, but there are a few LOTR fics that she has written. Her language is stunning and poetic and not to be missed! (and she lives less than a mile from me, hee!)

Slash Baranduin's Fiction

A collection of wonderful interspecies slash. Especially noted for her glorious "Courtyard" universe, her OTP is Frodo/Faramir, and she describes their domestic life with lyrical and heart-warming and sometimes heart-wrenching prose. Check out her present series that takes place after Courtyard called "Letters from Umbar." (and if you're into male pregnancy, her alternate to the Umbar universe called "Strange as News from Umber.")

General Bellamonte

Bellamonte has only written one fic, as far as I know and it's a long, slowly written fic called "Treasures." She has promised me more Frodo encountering ruffian fics. She writes with superb detail, taking her audience along at a deliciously slow but suspenseful pace.

General Budgielover

Budgielover is a prolific writer. She writes many hurt/comfort stories, but also just some general action/adventure. Most of her stories take place during the quest. She portrays the fellowship members with warmth and they are always in character.

General A elbereth

A Frodo!angst reader's delight! She writes post-quest angst in heart-breaking language as well as delving deliciously into Frodo captured by ruffians, Frodo ensnared in a snare with only rangers to help, etc.

Slash Mary's Pretty Good Year

Her Pretty Good Year series is a series/universe guaranteed to capture your heart, whether you are a Frodo/Sam-shipper or not. Even though I do not normally like post-quest, pre-Gray Havens fics because they make me sad, this series is definitely a keeper.

General elwen

Elwen writes superb hurt/comfort, especially centering on Frodo and Elrond as characters.

Slash Frisky

I shall never forget how enthralled I was when I read Hopeless Life. I was so eager for updates that I would check my favorites list every day. I would literally jump out of my seat screaming in joy if I saw that she had updated. Frisky has a unique voice and her characterizations of Frodo and Aragorn are unique without being out of character.

General Frodo Baggins of Bag End

If ever there was a queen of Frodo-centric hurt/comfort, she would be it. From her knowledge of herbs to knowledge of what the best foods to eat while ailing to her brilliant hurt/comfort scenes...she rocks my hurt/comfort world. Not to mention that she is the founder of Frodo_Healers, one of the best lists ever.

Slash Cerin Amroth -- Hope's Site

Hope is a big voice in the LOTR fandom and has gone through many transformations, even in the relatively short time I've been around. Not only is she most generous with her website design talents, but she writes superb prose and Real Art. Though I am not much of a Frodo/Sam-shipper, I in particular remember reading "Primary Colors." I read it once but I would not read it again because it was powerful enough to make me feel depressed. She is not much into Fictitious Person Slash now and is very much into her "Bow" series, which is an AU RPS (Real Person slash) vampire series. I myself have not had time to read it, but I've heard excellent things about it.

Slash Ithiliana

She is a new, enthusiastic writer in the LOTR fandom and is presently working on a F/F AU scenario. Guilty pleasure alert because that's how I feel when I see that she's updated about two chapters a day sometimes. May her enthusiasm survive fandom!

Slash A Juwel Among Hobbits, Juweldom's fan fic

I have always loved Juwel's interspecies fic. She has a highly erotic style, and her language is very vivid. She also is not afraid to branch into unique pairings. I particularly enjoy her "Of Hobbits and Men" series that involves pairings such as Frodo/Aragorn, Sam/Boromir, Merry/Eomer, and eventually Pippin/Faramir.

Slash, General Kookaburra

Well, the first time I read Moria's Revenge I was entranced. Dark and gritty and angsty and everything I love in a hobbit fic. She shares the writing with another author, but Kookaburra likes to focus on the Frodo angst part of it, for which I must praise her with grate praise.

Slash, General Laura Mason

A bright shining star in the interspecies world. Her stunning AU Beyond universe is not to be missed. She also writes breathtakingly hot Frodo/Eomer.

Slash, General Lily Baggins' Fan Fiction

Lily first corrupted me with "Troublemakers," a fic she claims again and again that she hates. And though she has come a long way as one of my favorite authors, "Troublemakers" will always have a place in my heart because it was one of the first fan fics that I ever read. Her OTP is Frodo/Aragorn, though she took the initiative to write a terrific three-way F/A/A that involved het. However, she is especially noted for her incredible ability to write believable hurt/comfort fics and coming up with new and unique ways to torture Frodo. Among my favorites are "The Pine Woods Excusion" and "A Little Affliction." She has also written a hilarious Mary Sue parody called "A Mary Sue Tragedy." And upcoming soon is her first Middle earthian trash novel: "The Pipeweed Pickin' Blues."

Slash Musings (Dana)

Dana has written the only Boromir-rapes-Frodo scenario that has ever worked for me in her "Darkness Falls." She is superb at capturing the tension between her characters, especially when one has power over the other, such as a few short vignettes she has written about movie!verse Frodo and Faramir.

General Shirebound

Shirebound writes many gen and hurt/comfort fics. She is a prolific writer who portrays the members of the fellowship with love and warmth, and most importantly, she keeps them in splendid character. I especially love "Quarantined" and "Reunion in Minas Tirith."

General Tangelian

Tangelian writes h/c and specializes in long sagas such as HOAH (I'm guilty of being way behind in reading it now!). More than that, she is a wonderful member of fandom.

Slash, General Teasel

Teasel captured my heart with her angsty Frodo/Boromir written for the frodo_slash list Valentine's Day challenge. I have since discovered how delightfully she writes hobbits, particularly her favorite pairing, Frodo/Sam.

Slash Shortcut to Trianne

I have followed Trianne since the beginning of my fandom. She mostly writes RPS now, but the LOTR that she has written has vivid power. "Watching Frodo" and "Different Paths" are some of my personal LOTR favorites. As far as RPS, she has written a brilliant AU RPS called "Jah," which is possibly the only RPS I have ever consistently followed.