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Name: LizBee
Type: fan writer, vidder, fan artist, moderator
Fandoms: Star Trek: Voyager, Harry Potter, Mary Russell Doctor Who, Babylon 5
URL: LiveJournal - Website
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LizBee is an Australian member of the fan fiction community, active from 1998 to the present. She has been involved in a variety of fandoms, including Star Trek: Voyager, Harry Potter, Mary Russell and Doctor Who. She has also written in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The West Wing and House, M.D..

She is primarily an author, but also vids, draws and is/has been a moderator for various groups and archives.


LizBee is the daughter of a Trekker and a Doctor Who fan, and was exposed to science fiction from an early age. At ten, she became addicted to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and was an avid Picard/Crusher shipper. Her first work of fan fiction was a thirty-page handwritten "novel" about a beautiful Federation ambassador named Rhiannon, who helped Picard acknowledge his love for Crusher, saved a planet and nobly sacrificed her civilised lifestyle to bring peace to warring aliens.

In 1995, LizBee moved on to Star Trek: Voyager and became a dedicated Janeway/Chakotay shipper. She discovered the online fan fiction community in 1997, and began posting fic to her now-defunct GeoCities site in 1998. She joined the mailing list JetC~22 in 2000, and began posting to alt.startrek.creative later the same year.

Major stories in Star Trek fandom

LizBee became disenchanted with the Star Trek universe, and in late 2001 she fell in love with Harry Potter. Identifying strongly as a Snape fan, she wrote a number of stories in that universe, including "Girl Most Likely", a completed novel-length fic. This was a conscious attempt to meld the so-called "canonical" pairings of SugarQuill with the thriller/adventure fic more commonly found on FictionAlley.

In her later years in the fandom, LizBee's interest shifted from Harry to Snape. Her final Harry Potter fic was "Maps to the Stars' Homes".

In 2004, LizBee became an active member of Mary Russell fandom. She wrote a number of fics, including the fandom's first femslash, and eventually became moderator of the fandom's primary mailing list, RUSS-L. This was not a popular decision, and a rival list, Letters_of_Mary was spawned from the ensuing debates.

In late 2005, LizBee was drawn to Doctor Who fandom, having watched the series as a child, and then enjoying the revival. She developed a reputation as a Romana fan, and became a moderator on A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, the fandom's primary fic archive.

In 2009, she generated fannish controversy with the sockpuppet cot_tossed, which reviewed fics nominated in the Children of Time Awards. This attracted the attention of the anon meme, and became the centre of debate about the cults of nice and mean, concrit, reviews and the number of spaces that go after a full stop. Although LizBee was not the only puppeteer, she was the first to reveal herself.

In mid-2009, LizBee became involved in Babylon 5 fandom.