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This page lists ship names/portmanteaus for the television show Riverdale.

Het (M/F)

Ship Name Ship
Archeryl, Charchie, Cherarchie Archie Andrews/Cheryl Blossom
Archethel, Etharchie, Muggchie, Ethchie,
Archie Andrews/Ethel Muggs
Archoni, Archopaz, Tonarchie, Toparchie,
Red Topaz
Archie Andrews/Toni Topaz
Archosie, Archjosie, Jochie, Josarchie,
Archie Andrews/Josie McCoy
Archundy, Gerarchie, Andrundy, Grarchie Archie Andrews/Geraldine Grundy
Barchie, Archetty, Archbetty, Bettarchie,
Betchie, AB
Archie Andrews/Betty Cooper
Blossomcest, Cherson Jason Blossom/Cheryl Blossom
Bughead, Jetty, Bugetty, Jugetty Jughead Jones/Betty Cooper
Cherick, St. Blossom, Nicheryl Nick St. Clair/Cheryl Blossom
Cheruck, Chuckeryl, Churyl Chuck Clayton/Cheryl Blossom
Chetty, Chucketty, Bettchuck Chuck Clayton/Betty Cooper
Chiconica, VeroniChic, Chironica Chic Cooper/Veronica Lodge
Chilton, Deryl, Dilteryl, Chelton,
Cherton, Cherilton
Dilton Doiley/Cheryl Blossom
Choose, Cheroose, Meryl, Mooseryl Cheryl Blossom/Moose Mason
Chosie, Chuckosie, Chosephine,
Chusephine, McClayton, ClayCoy
Josie McCoy/Chuck Clayton
Chughead, Cherughead, Jugyl, Jugeryl,
Juryl, Jeryl, Cherhead, Chersythe,
Jughead Jones/Cheryl Blossom
Churonica, Chuckonica, Veronichuck Chuck Clayton/Veronica Lodge
Chuthel, Chuckthel, Ethchuck, Ethechuck,
Chethel, Ethuck
Chuck Clayton/Ethel Muggs
Clenelope, Clinelope, Peneliff, Penecliff Clifford Blossom/Penelope Blossom
Dethel, Dilthel, Dithel, Ethelton, Ethilton,
Dilton Doiley/Ethel Muggs
Falice, Forsalice, Serpent Parents,
Snake Parents
FP Jones/Alice Cooper
Fangonica, Fangeronica, Verangs, Vangs,
Vogarty, Fogonica, Fogeronica
Fangs Fogarty/Veronica Lodge
Fangosie, Fogosie, Josangs, McFogarty, McFangs Fangs Fogarty/Josie McCoy
Fethel, Fangthel, Fathel, Fanthel,
Ethangs, Fogethel, Fothel,
Fogarthel, Muggangs
Fangs Fogarty/Ethel Muggs
Fladys, Forsadys, Gladsythe, Glythe FP Jones/Gladys Jones
Fopaz, Togarty, Toparty, Tangs,
Foni, Topangs, Tofangs,
Fangoni, Tonangs
Toni Topaz/Fangs Fogarty
Formione, Fermione, Forsione, Forsythione,
Hermythe, Hermionythe, Horsythe, Hersythe,
Pendollonia, HP, Jomez
FP Jones/Hermione Lodge
Forcheryl, Chersythe FP Jones/Cheryl Blossom
Fornelope, Forselope, Persythe FP Jones/Penelope Blossom
FPenny, Forsenny, Forsythenny, Fenny,
Pennsythe, Pennythe
FP Jones/Penny Peabody
Fralice, Fredlice, Frelice Fred Andrews/Alice Cooper
Fredary, Mared, Marfred, Frery Fred Andrews/Mary Andrews
Fredmione, Fremione, Herfred, Hermifred Fred Andrews/Hermione Lodge
Frenelope, Fredelope , Penefred Fred Andrews/Penelope Blossom
Halelope Hal Cooper/Penelope Blossom
Haletty, Bettal, Black Betty, Coopercest Hal Cooper/Betty Cooper
Halice Hal Cooper/Alice Cooper
Hermarchie, Herarchie, Archione Archie Andrews/Hermione Lodge
Herughead, Hermughead, Jugione,
Jughead Jones/Hermione Lodge
Hiralice, Hiramalice , Aliciram Hiram Lodge/Alice Cooper
Hiramelope, Hirelope, Penelopiram Hiram Lodge/Penelope Blossom
Hiramione, Hirmione, Herim, H² Hiram Lodge/Hermione Lodge
Hiramonica, Hironica, Veroniram, Lodgecest, Daddycest Hiram Lodge/Veronica Lodge
Jasonica, Verason, Jaronica Jason Blossom/Veronica Lodge
Jasosie, Josason Jason Blossom/Josie McCoy
Jeronica, Jugonica, Vughead, Veghead,
Verhead , Veronhead, Verughead, Forsonica,
Forsythica, Veronsythe, Veronughead, Foronica,
Ronniehead, Ronhead, Jugeronica,
Juronica, Lodgehead
Jughead Jones/Veronica Lodge
Jolly, Pason, Polson Jason Blossom/Polly Cooper
Jopaz, Tughead, Tonihead, Forsoni,
Foni, Joni, Jugoni, Forsythoni,
Topazhead, Tonughead, Topughead, Fortoni
Jughead Jones/Toni Topaz
Josevin, Kevosie Kevin Keller/Josie McCoy
Josythe, Jugsie, Forosie, Josiehead,
Josughead, Jugosie, McJones
Jughead Jones/Josie McCoy
Josiepea, Swosie, McSweet, Sweet Josie,
Sweet McCoy, McSweet Pea, Sweet Pussy
Sweet Pea/Josie McCoy
Josoose, Moososie, McMason Moose Mason/Josie McCoy
Jethel, Mugghead, Ethhead, Ethelhead,
Ethughead, Forthyl,Jugthel, Jugethel
Jughead Jones/Ethel Muggs
Jugbean, Jellughead, Jellyhead Jughead Jones/Jellybean Jones
Keveryl, Cherevin, Kecheryl Kevin Keller/Cheryl Blossom
Kevetty, Bettevin, Bevin Kevin Keller/Betty Cooper
Kevonica, Kevonnie, Verevin, Veronevin Kevin Keller/Veronica Lodge
Malonica, Maleronica Malachi/Veronica Lodge
Malacheryl, Cheralachai, Cherchai, Malcheryl Malachai/Cheryl Blossom
Malachetty, Bettachai Malachai/Betty Cooper
Marchie, Midgchie, Midgarchie,
Midarchie, Klumchie
Archie Andrews/Midge Klump
McKeller, Tierra, Tomerra Tom Keller/Sierra McCoy
McMantle, Rosie, Joseggie, Reggosie Josie McCoy/Reggie Mantle
Meggie, Midggie, Ridge, Kluntle Midge Klump/Reggie Mantle
Moosetty, Bettoose Moose Mason/Betty Cooper
Moosidge, Midgoose Moose Mason/Midge Klump
Moosonica Moose Mason/Veronica Lodge
Moothel, Moothel, Ethoose, Methel Moose Mason/Ethel Muggs
Midhead, Midgehead, Klumphead, Forsidge,
Forsythidge, Midgsythe, Midgughead
Midge Klump/Jughead Jones
Nickonica, Veronica, Ronnick, St. Lodge Nick St. Clair/Veronica Lodge
Pennyhead, Pughead, Forsenny,
Forsythenny, Peahead, Pennsythe,
Jughead Jones/Penny Peabody
Reggoni, Toneggie, Topeggie,
Reggoinette, Antoineggie
Reggie Mantle/Toni Topaz
Regyl, Reggyl, Chereggie,
Reggeryl, Chantle
Reggie Mantle/Cheryl Blossom
Retty, Beggie, Betteggie , Cantle Reggie Mantle/Betty Cooper
Sweet Melody Melody Valentine/Sweet Pea
Sweet Blossom, Pea Blossom Sweet Pea/Cheryl Blossom
SweetVee, Sweronica, Sweetonica,
Sweetonnie, Sweetronica, Sweet V,
Black Pea, Dark Pea
Sweet Pea/Veronica Lodge
Swetty , Sweet B Sweet Pea/Betty Cooper
Swoni, Topaz Pea, Sweet Topaz Sweet Pea/Toni Topaz
Valarchie, Archerie, Archieval,
Valerie Brown/Archie Andrews
Valhead, Brownhead, Forsalerie,
Forsytherie, Valsythe, Valughead,
Jughead Jones/Valerie Brown
Varchie, Archieronnie, Archica,
Archie Andrews/Veronica Lodge
Veggie, Reggonica, Regronnie,
Reggie Mantle/Veronica Lodge

Femslash (F/F)

Ship Name Ship
Belody, Bettelody, Melodetty Betty Cooper/Melody Valentine
Bettalice, Alicetty Alice Cooper/Betty Cooper
Beronica, Bettonica, Veronetty, B&V Betty Cooper/Veronica Lodge
Beryl, Cheretty, Cherbetty Cheryl Blossom/Betty Cooper
Cherolly, Cholly, Peryl, Polleryl Cheryl Blossom/Polly Cooper
Cheronica, Cheronnie, Cheron, Cherynica, Veryl Cheryl Blossom/Veronica Lodge
Cherosie, Joseryl, Jocheryl, McBlossom Josie McCoy/Cheryl Blossom
Choni, Red Serpent, Chopaz, Cheroni, Topaz Blossom Toni Topaz/Cheryl Blossom
Ethetty, Bethel, Muggetty Betty Cooper/Ethel Muggs
Ethoni, Etoni, Ethopaz, Tonethel, Muggtoni, Muggoni, Tonuggs Toni Topaz/Ethel Muggs
Ethonica, Etheronica, Ethonnie, Vethel, Veronethel, Muggonica Veronica Lodge/Ethel Muggs
Hermalice, Alicione Hermione Lodge/Alice Cooper
Hermelope, Penione, Permione Hermione Lodge/Penelope Blossom
Hermierra, Sierrione Hermione Lodge/Sierra McCoy
Hermonica, Vermione, Heronica Hermione Lodge/Veronica Lodge
Jelody, Melosie, Joselody, McValentine Josie McCoy/Melody Valentine
Jetty, Josetty, Bettosie, McCooper Betty Cooper/Josie McCoy
Josethel, Ethosie, McMuggs Josie McCoy/Ethel Muggs
JoVal, Josalerie, Josilerie, Valosie, Valerosie, McBrown Josie McCoy/Valerie Brown
Meloni, Tonelody, Topelody, Valentoni Toni Topaz/Melody Valentine
Melonica, Melonnie, Velody, Melodica Melody Valentine/Veronica Lodge
Meryl, Midgeryl, Cheridge Midge Klump/Cheryl Blossom
Mironica, Midgonica, Midgonnie, Mironnie Midge Klump/Veronica Lodge
Midgoni, Mitoni, Tonidge, Topidge Toni Topaz/Midge Klump
Mosie, Midgosie, Josidge, McKlump Josie McCoy/Midge Klump
Penalice, Penelice Penelope Blossom/Alice Cooper
Pollidge, Midgolly, Klumpolly Polly Cooper/Midge Klump
Sinelope, Penerra, Penierra Sierra McCoy/Penelope Blossom
Tonalice, Altoni, Talice Alice Cooper/Toni Topaz
Tonetty, Bettoni Toni Topaz/Betty Cooper
Tonica, Toronica, Toponica, Tononica,
Tononnie, Toronnie, Veroni, Raven Serpent,
Black Serpent, Lopaz
Toni Topaz/Veronica Lodge
Tonosie, Josoni, McTopaz Josie McCoy/Toni Topaz
Valody, Melarie Valerie Brown/Melody Valentine
Valoni, Tonalerie, Brown Topaz, Tolarie Toni Topaz/Valerie Brown
Valonica, Velonica, Velarie, Valonnie, Veralerie Valerie Brown/Veronica Lodge
Verosie, Veronosie, Josonica, Josonnie, McLodge Josie McCoy/Veronica Lodge
Vorsythe, Jononica FP Jones/Veronica Lodge

Slash (M/M)

Ship Name Ship
Andrewscest, Frarchie, Fredchie, Frechie Fred Andrews/Archie Andrews
Archick, Nickarchie, St. Andrews Archie Andrews/Nick St. Clair
Archiram, Harchie Archie Andrews/Hiram Lodge
Archuck, Chandrews, Chuckdrews, Chuckarchie Archie Andrews/Chuck Clayton
Cheggie, Chuckeggie, Regguck Chuck Clayton/Reggie Mantle
Chichead, Chighead, Forchic, Forsythic, Chicsythe,
Chicughead, Forsychic
Chic Cooper/Jughead Jones
Chuckhead, Forchuck, Forsythuck, Chucksythe,
Chucughead, Chughead
Chuck Clayton/Jughead Jones
Cliffiram, Hiracliff Hiram Lodge/Clifford Blossom
Doileyhead, Dilthead, Diltonhead, Foiley, Forsoiley,
Diltsythe, Dughead, Diltughead, Dighead
Jughead Jones/Dilton Doiley
Fanghead, Jugangs, Foghead, Forangs, Forsangs,
Forsythangs, Fangsythe, Fughead, Fanughead
Jughead Jones/Fangs Fogarty
Foram, Firam, Forsyram, Forsythram Hiram Lodge/FP Jones
Fortom, Tomsythe FP Jones/Tom Keller
Fredsythe, Fresythe, Forfred, Forsred FP Jones/Fred Andrews
Fretom, Fredom, Tomfred Fred Andrews/Tom Keller
Friram, Hired Hiram Lodge/Fred Andrews
Jarchie, Archhead, Archiehead, Forchie, Forsythchie,
Archsythe, Archughead, Forsarchie, Jugarchie
Jughead Jones/Archie Andrews
Jasehead, Blossomhead, Jasythe, Forsason, Forsythson,
Jasughead, Jugson
Jason Blossom/Jughead Jones
Jevin, Kevhead, Kughead, Forvin, Forsythevin, Forsythvin,
Forsevin, Kevughead
Jughead Jones/Kevin Keller
Joarchie, Joaqarchie Archie Andrews/Joaquin DeSantos
Joavin Kevin Keller/Joaquin DeSantos
Jonescest FP Jones/Jughead Jones
Jugquin, Joaquinhead, Joaqhead, Forquin, Joaqsythe,
Joaqughead, Forsythquin
Jughead Jones/Joaquin DeSantos
Kangs, Kellarty, Kevangs, Fangevin, Fogeller Kevin Keller/Fangs Fogarty
Kevarchie, Karchie, Archevin Kevin Keller/Archie Andrews
Kevic, Kechic, Chicevin Kevin Keller/Chic Cooper
Moosarchie, Masandrews, Moochie Archie Andrews/Moose Mason
Moosehead, Forthoose, Moosythe, Moosughead, Forsythoose,
Moose Mason/Jughead Jones
Moovin, Mevin, Koose, Kevoose Moose Mason/Kevin Keller
Regchie, Rarchie, Archinald, Arggie, Archreggie, Archreg,
Regarch, Regarchie
Reggie Mantle/Archie Andrews
Reghead, Reggiehead, Mantlehead, Reggsythe, Forseggie,
Forsytheggie, Reggughead
Reggie Mantle/Jughead Jones
Revin, Reggevin, Keveggie, Keggie Kevin Keller/Reggie Mantle
Roose, Reggoose, Mooseggie Moose Mason/Reggie Mantle
Swandrews, Swarchie, Red Pea Sweet Pea/Archie Andrews
Swangs Sweet Pea/Fangs Fogarty
Sweethead, Forsweet, Peahead, SweetPeahead, Swughead,
Sweet Pea/Jughead Jones
Sweggie Reggie Mantle/Sweet Pea
Swevin, Sweevin Sweet Pea/Kevin Keller
Swilton, Sweeton Sweet Pea/Dilton Doiley
Swoaquin Sweet Pea/Joaquin DeSantos
Swoose, Sweet Moose Moose Mason/Sweet Pea
Tallhead Tall Boy/Jughead Jones
Tomevin, Kevtom, Kevitom, Kellercest Tom Keller/Kevin Keller
Tomiram, Hiratom Hiram Lodge/Tom Keller

Threesomes & Moresomes

Ship Name Ship
Archoneggie, Regonarchie, Varcheggie, Reggarchonica Archie/Reggie/Veronica
Archugeggie, Regarchead, Jugarcheggie, Jarcheggie,
Archugetty, Jugarchetty, Bugarchie, Bettugarchie Archie/Jughead/Betty
Archugonetty, Barchugonica, Varchugetty, Jugarchonicetty,
Beronchie, Archonetty, Barchonica, Varchonetty Archie/Betty/Veronica
Bugonica, Juronetty, Jeronetty, Vugnetty, Jugonetty,
Beronicahead, Beronughead, Veronugetty
Cheronicetty, Beronicheryl Cheryl/Veronica/Betty
Cheronosie, Chonosie, Chosoni, Cherosoni Cheryl/Toni/Josie
Chononica, Cherononi Cheryl/Veronica/Toni
Chugetty, Cherugetty, Bugeryl, Berylhead, Cherettyhead,
Cheronihead, Vugeryl, Jeronicheryl, Chugonica,
Fralicythe, Forsedalice, Foraliced, Frasythalice,
Herfrediram, Frediramione, Hirmionefred Hiram/Fred/Hermione
Hermalisythe, Formionalice, Forsalmione, Alermionythe,
Hiramionythe, Hersythiram, Formioniram, Heramythe,
Hirsythione, Hermythiram, Forsiramione Hiram/FP/Hermione
Jarchevin, Kugarchie, Kevugchie, Jugarchevin Archie/Jughead/Kevin
Josonicheryl, Cheronosie Josie/Veronica/Cheryl
Jugarchonica, Vugarchie, Archugonica, Jarchonica,
Varchugonica, Jeronarchie, Jugonarchie, Juronicarchie
Sweet Bughead Jughead/Sweet Pea/Betty
Sweet Fangshead Jughead/Sweet Pea/Fangs
Tonugetty, Bugoni, Bugtoni, Jugonetty, Bettonihead Jughead/Betty/Toni


Portmanteau Characters Category Fandom
Ambarchie, Archambrose, Archibrose Ambrose Spellman/Archie Andrews Slash CAOS
Amberonica, Ambronica , Veronibrose Ambrose Spellman/Veronica Lodge Het CAOS
Ambrangs, Fangbrose, Fanbrose, Fogarose Ambrose Spellman/Fangs Fogarty Slash CAOS
Ambreyl, Cherose, Cherbrose Ambrose Spellman/Cheryl Blossom Het CAOS
Ambrevin, Kevibrose, Kevambrose Ambrose Spellman/Kevin Keller Slash CAOS
Ambroni, Tonbrose, Tonambrose Ambrose Spellman/Toni Topaz Het CAOS
Ambrosie, Josambrose, Jambrose , McSpellman Ambrose Spellman/Josie McCoy Het CAOS
Ambrosina, Ambrina, Sabrose, Sambrose Ambrose Spellman/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Ambrarvey, Harvbrose, Harbrose Ambrose Spellman/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Ambreggie, Ambeggie, Reggibrose, Reggambrose Ambrose Spellman/Reggie Mantle Slash CAOS
Ambretty, Bettrose, Bettbrose Ambrose Spellman/Betty Cooper Het CAOS
Ambrughead, Jugbrose, Jambrose, Jubrose, Ambrosehead Ambrose Spellman/Jughead Jones Slash CAOS
Bettaroline, Baroline, Bettoline, Caretty Betty Cooper/Caroline Forbes Femslash TVD
Carchie, Cararchie, Carochie, Archoline Archie Andrews/Caroline Forbes Het TVD
Careggie, Caroggie, Reggoline Reggie Mantle/Caroline Forbes Het TVD
Caronica, Veroline, Varoline, Veronoline Veronica Lodge/Caroline Forbes Femslash TVD
Carughead, Cughead, Carohead, Jugoline, Jaroline Jughead Jones/Caroline Forbes Het TVD
Damarchie, Archamon Archie Andrews/Damon Salvatore Slash TVD
Dameggie, Deggie, Daggie, Reggamon, Reggimon Reggie Mantle/Damon Salvatore Slash TVD
Dameryl, Cheramon Damon Salvatore/Cheryl Blossom Het TVD
Dametty, Bettamon Damon Salvatore/Betty Cooper Het TVD
Damonica, Dameronica, Deronica, Veramon, Vamon Damon Salvatore/Veronica Lodge Het TVD
Damughead, Dughead, Daghead, Damonhead, Jugamon, Jamon Jughead Jones/Damon Salvatore Slash TVD
Harfangs, Fangarvey, Harvangs, Fogarvey Fangs Fogarty/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Harjosie, Harosie, Harvosie, Josarvey, McKinkle Harvey Kinkle/Josie McCoy Het CAOS
Haronica, Harvonica, Hervonica, Vernarvey, Veronarvey Harvey Kinkle/Veronica Lodge Het CAOS
Harvarchie, Harchie, Andrarvey, Archarvey Archie Andrews/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Harveggie, Reggarvey Reggie Mantle/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Harveryl, Harcheryl, Cherarvey Harvey Kinkle/Cheryl Blossom Het CAOS
Harvetty, Harbetty, Bettarvey Harvey Kinkle/Betty Cooper Het CAOS
Harvevin, Kevarvey, Karvey Kevin Keller/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Harvilton, Diltarvey Dilton Doiley/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Harvoni, Harvoinette, Tonarvey, Toparvey Harvey Kinkle/Toni Topaz Het CAOS
Harvuck, Chuckarvey, Charvey Chuck Clayton/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Hughead, Harveyhead, Harvhead, Jugarvey, Jarvey,
Kinkhead, Harvughead
Jughead Jones/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Jugbrina, Sabrinahead, Sabhead, Spellhead, Jubrina,
Forsabrina, Forbrina, Sabrythe, Sabrughead
Jughead Jones/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Sabarchie, Sabrarchie, Archbrina, Archabrina,
Archibrina, Spandrews, Spelldrews
Archie Andrews/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Sabrichic, Chicbrina, Chibrina Chic Cooper/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Sabrichuck, Sabrinuck, Chuckbrina, Chabrina, Chubrina Chuck Clayton/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Sabrangs, Fabrina, Fangbrina, Fogarman Fangs Fogarty/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Sabrason, Jasabrina Jason Blossom/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Sabreggie, Sabriggie, Reggbrina, Reggibrina, Reggabrina Reggie Mantle/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Sabrevin, Kevbrina Kevin Keller/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Starchie, Stefarchie, Archefan Archie Andrews/Stefan Salvatore Slash TVD
Stefetty, Bettefan Stefan Salvatore/Betty Cooper Het TVD
Stefoni, Stoni, Stopaz, Tonefan Stefan Salvatore/Toni Topaz Het TVD
Stefonica, Steferonica Stefan Salvatore/Veronica Lodge Het TVD
Steggie, Stereggie, Reggefan Reggie Mantle/Stefan Salvatore Slash TVD
Steryl, Cherefan Stefan Salvatore/Cheryl Blossom Het TVD
Stevin, Kevefan Kevin Keller/Stefan Salvatore Slash TVD
Stughead, Stefughead, Steghead, Jugefan, Stefanhead Jughead Jones/Stefan Salvatore Slash TVD
Swarvey, Sweet Harvey Sweet Pea/Harvey Kinkle Slash CAOS
Sweet Spellman, Swebrina Sweet Pea/Sabrina Spellman Het CAOS
Saberyl, Cherbrina, Chebrina Cheryl Blossom/Sabrina Spellman Femslash CAOS
Sabronica, Saberonica, Sabronnie, Vebrina Sabrina Spellman/Veronica Lodge Femslash CAOS
Sabroni, Tobrina Toni Topaz/Sabrina Spellman Femslash CAOS
Sabrosie, Jobrina, Josina, McSpellman Josie McCoy/Sabrina Spellman Femslash CAOS