Jughead Jones/Toni Topaz

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Pairing: Toni Topaz & Jughead Jones
Alternative name(s): Jopaz, Tones, Tonhead, Tughead
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Riverdale
Canonical?: Canon
Prevalence: Common
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Jughead/Toni is the het pairing of Jughead Jones and Toni Topaz in the Riverdale fandom.


Toni is introduced in season 2 when Jughead begins school at Southside High. As a Southside Serpent, she looks out for Jughead and works with him at the school newspaper. They become friends as he initiated into the Southside Serpents.


The pairing was divisive due to the former pairing for Jughead and Toni has since been linked in a F/F ship on the series to do away with any fan ire which exploded when this pairing happened. When Vanessa Morgan was only just cast, before filming even started, she received threats and was continually harassed on social media until this ship was dissolved on the series, with producers possibly kowtowing to fan extremists.


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