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Pairing: FP Jones/Alice Cooper
Alternative name(s): Falice, Snake Parents
Gender category: Het, F/M
Fandom: Archie Comics, Riverdale
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Small
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Alice/FP is the pairing of FP Jones and Alice Cooper in the Riverdale fandom. They have a canonical relationship.


Riverdale (TV series)

FP Jones is the father of Jughead Jones and Alice Cooper is the mother of Betty Cooper. Alice and FP have known each other since they were teenagers, but in season 1 Alice is often mistrustful of FP and his son, assuming they are involved in criminal activity. There are several references to Alice and FP sharing a mysterious past. FP is the leader of local gang the Southside Serpents, and in season 1, he hints that Alice was previously associated with the gang too, in season 2, this was confirmed. In season 2 it was revealed that Alice had bore FP's child and had given it up for adoption. Also, in season 2, after Alice kicked Hall out of their house she and FP had sex, but Alice and Hall reconciled later, before it was revealed that Hal was the Black Hood and sent to jail. At the beginning of season 3 it is shown that Alice and FP have started a relationship during the three month time skip between seasons 2 and 3.


Riverdale (TV series)

Many fans assume that FP and Alice had a relationship in the past and this often appears in fanfiction. It's common for FP and Alice to discuss Betty and Jughead's relationship, reflecting on the similarities to their own teenage romance. Missing scenes and episode related works are common in Falice fics. For instance works set during Season 2 Episode 8, when Alice goes to the Wyte Wyrmm for FP's retirement party.

When Alice revealed she had a teenage pregnancy and gave the child up for adoption, many fans theorized that FP, rather than Hal Cooper, was the father.

In season 1, Alice had a fractious relationship with her husband Hal Cooper, and some fics show her having an illicit affair with FP as a result of unhappiness in her marriage. In some works, FP and Alice even embark on an actual relationship.

Some fics are entirely or mostly pre-canon works.

Connections to other fandoms

FP Jones actor, Skeet Ulrich has roles in Scream and The Craft. Whereas Alice Cooper actress, Mädchen Amick is best known for her role Twin Peaks. Both actors have careers going back over 20 years, providing extensive opportunities for vidders to create works focused on the possible pre-canon relationship between FP and Alice.

Deletion of Falice Tag

In late November 2018, during the Tumblr NSFW Content Purge, Tumblr deleted the ship tag Falice, causing problems for blogs sharing content about the pairing.[1][2]


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