Kevin Keller/Joaquin DeSantos

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Pairing: Joaquin DeSantos/Kevin Keller
Alternative name(s): Joavin
Gender category: Slash, M/M
Fandom: Riverdale
Canonical?: Yes
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Joaquin/Kevin is the pairing of Joaquin DeSantos and Kevin Keller in the Riverdale TV series.


Kevin Keller is the Riverdale Sheriff's son and an openly gay main character. Joaquin is a member of a local gang, the Southside Serpents. They meet at the drive-in and begin a romantic relationship before realizing each other's affiliations. Joaquin and Kevin are boyfriends for a short time, with FP Jones encouraging Joaquin to use their relationship to get information on the investigation into Jason Blossom's murder. Joaquin's involvement in covering up Jason's death force him to leave town, ending their relationship.


Joaquin and Kevin is a popular slash pairing in the Riverdale fandom. Many works focus on the challenges they face as they navigate their, if not forbidden, then very much frowned upon romance. These include fics where Kevin introduces his Southside Serpent boyfriend to his father, the Sheriff. A variation of this occurs when Kevin meets Joaquin's fellow gang members or family. Angst works sometimes focus on Joaquin's conflicted feelings as he deceives Kevin.

Fluff and smut works are also common.


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