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Pairing: Angel/Lindsey McDonald
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Angel the Series
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Small
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Angel/Lindsey is a slash pairing of Angel and Lindsey McDonald.


Angel is trying to help the helpless while Lindsey works for the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart. They are enemies and to save a friend, Angel cuts off Lindsey's right hand. Their continue to antagonise one another in season 2, but Lindsey does ask for Angel's help when Wolfram & Hart plan to kill a group of young children. His betrayal of his former employers results in Lindsey leaving L.A. after they save the children.

In season 5, Lindsey plans to usurp Angel's position as CEO of Wolfram & Hart, by positioning a resurrected Spike to be the ensouled vampire prophesied. He pretends to be a seer for The Powers That Be, in an effort to manipulate Spike and get him to kill Angel. Angel defeats Lindsey and the Senior Partners trap him in a hell dimension.

Angel sacrifices Gunn in order to rescue Lindsey, as he needs information from him on the Black Thorn. Lindsey helps Angel defeat the Black Thorn, but he is assassinated by Lorne after his victory.


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There is a lot of angst in this pairing due to their aggressive interactions in canon. Many works build on their similarities as two men trying to make amends for the evil they have done. Picking up from Lindsey's betrayal of Wolfram & Hart in season 2, some works depict the two working side by side to defeat some evil. This may involve Lindsey working at Angel Investigations rather than leaving L.A.

Many fics are set post-canon. These can be complete AUs that disregard events in the season 5 finale, as well as works depicting Lindsey's resurrection following his death in the season finale.

BDSM is common in this pairing. When Lindsey is paired with an unsouled Angelus, noncon and torture may appear.

The threesome pairing of Angel/Spike/Lindsey often appears in works pairing Angel and Lindsey, but is rare in the fandom overall.


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