Linda Cornett

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Name: Linda Cornett
Alias(es): lcorn
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Man from U.N.C.L.E., Sapphire and Steel
Communities: Channel D
URL: Linda Cornett at MFUArchive
lindacornett at Archive of Our Own
lcorn on LiveJournal (author page; defunct)
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Linda Cornett is a fanfiction writer best known for her Man from U.N.C.L.E. stories. She has also written Sapphire and Steel, and won for best gen story in the fandom in the 1994 Fan Q Awards.

Linda was also active in online MUNCLE fandom, joining Channel D in July 1995. She had a webpage called "Observations" where she posted most of her fanfiction, but the site is now offline.[1] However, much of her fiction is online at MFUArchive, and a handful of stories are posted at Archive of Our Own.

Notable Fanworks

Fiction by Linda has also appeared in the zines Can You Get Channel D? (1992-1996), My Kingdom for an U.N.C.L.E. (1993), The Kuryakin File (1993-2010), Eyes Only (1994-2009), Relative Encounters (1995), If Their Mothers Only Knew (1995), Declassified Affairs (1998), Relative Secrecy (2005), Credentials (2007), and File 40.

Fan Comments & Reviews

Some stories you just know will be good as soon as you see the author's name. Linda Cornett is one of those authors as she never fails to please.[2]
Want to convert a newbie to this fandom? Have her read Linda Cornett, who fearlessly experiments with points of view and tells a story so well that she leaves most published authors in the dust. Her words folds so effortlessly that you almost forget that there must have been an incredible amount of thought behind writing prose that smooth. You become totally immersed in her world, not realizing until you're done reading that you're not actually in the room with the characters witnessing the action as it unfolds. Her Angelique, who makes a guest appearance here, is one of the best in the fandom, and considering that we've been around since the 60's that's saying quite a bit!

[...] Oh, and have I mentioned that [Linda] writes the best ending sentences I've ever read anywhere? I don't think my review can pay tribute enough to her work, so just start reading this already![3]

When I first stumbled upon Linda Cornett's fanfic site, I basically gobbled up all of her writing in four hours because I couldn't get enough of her work. Her genre crossovers have already been rec'd here for good reason - her knack for strong character voices is unmistakable; I'm particularly fond of her Chandleresque detective and Italian chef. I've been consistently impressed by her realistic female OCs; these are women who have faced the gamut of whatever life throws at them and can damn well take care of themselves, gaining experience without losing their humanity in the process.[4]
Linda is one of those multi-talented comic writers who can combine humour, drama and emotion in the most satisfying way. Her stories are hugely entertaining: funny, exciting and moving, and wonderfully written. Many of them are told in the first person, from the point of view of an innocent who gets caught up in UNCLE activity, either tangentially or directly, and the voices of these original characters are an absolute joy. The narrator of "Close to a Knockout" is a Chandler-esque private eye (so Chandler-esque, in fact, that his name is Chandler), and the pastiche is spot on. What I love best about the use of OC's as narrators is that it opens all sorts of possibilities for dramatic irony and comic misinterpretations, because the readers know what's going on so much better than the narrator. Linda makes the most wonderful use of this trope.[5]
[Linda's] stories range from hilarious to heartbreaking, with length as varied as concept. Linda has a remarkable ability to make readers cry and laugh at the same time, and the stories are full of injokes and clever references.[6]


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