Like Ashes

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Title: Like Ashes
Author(s): yavannauk
Date(s): 03 December 2008
Length: 3,336 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Like Ashes (LiveJournal)
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Like Ashes is a Merlin/Arthur story by yavannauk (3,336 words). It was written for the undermistletoe prompt - trapped in a snowstorm, blizzard and/or cold cave.

Excerpt: Merlin didn't need Arthur's admittedly superior tracking skills to recognise that the footprints rapidly filling in with new fallen snow meant that they had managed to walk round in a circle.

This short story combines the classic fanfic trope of seeking shelter in a cave with Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic. It is set after episode 1.10 when it already felt like Merlin had waited too long to tell Arthur his secret.


  • "I think what I love most about this is seeing the various emotions Arthur goes through once he discovered Merlin's secret. It's almost like the five stages of grief, ending, happily for us, with acceptance (and kissing)."[1]
  • "Merlin finally doing magic infront of Arthur just to save him from freezing and NO MOAR SEKRITS MERLIN and Arthur not taking off his gloves and holding chins in firelight and a cave and a blizzard and I LOVE IT."[2]
  • "I love fics where the characters are stranded the truths come out. :) I think Arthur's reaction to learning about Merlin is very believable too. I don't think he'd be upset that Merlin's a sorcerer, but that he didn't tell him sooner. And Merlin knows how to distract from the magic anyways."[3]


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