Lie Low at Lupin's

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Synonyms: ll@L
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In Harry Potter fanfic, Lie Low at Lupin's is shorthand for stories (generally Remus/Sirius slash) set in the summer between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix, in which Sirius follows Dumbledore's instructions to "Lie low at Lupin's for a while".

As there is no canon on where Remus Lupin lives (when he's not at Hogwarts) or what his residence is like, the setting is wide open for fic writers to describe as they choose.

One R/S fan listed Lie Low at Lupin's as #2 on a list of Top Fifteen Remus/Sirius Clichés: Dumbledore's instructions to "lie low at Lupin's" are inevitably interpreted as "Go to Lupin's cottage in the woods, make up with him, and shag. Then shag some more. Then shag again for good measure, discuss what a miserable hand fate has dealt you, then come back to the Order of the Phoenix and save the world." [1]

Popular themes of these stories include:

  • Hurt/comfort (generally Lupin providing comfort due to Sirius' angst at having been falsely accused and imprisoned in Azkaban for twelve years)
  • Stories where Remus and Sirius were together at Hogwarts, and now have to re-learn each other after their long separation
  • Stories where they weren't together, but wanted to be, and now have a second chance at a First Time
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