Le Coeur de Lion

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: Le Coeur de Lion
Author(s): JSwrdsmth
Date(s): 26 June 2000 - 06 June 2001
Length: ~35,500 words
Genre: femslash, AU
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
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Le Coeur de Lion is a Janeway/Seven AU by JSwrdsmth (~35,500 words). This story is based on the holodeck characters of Janeway and Seven in the Star Trek: Voyager two-part episode The Killing Game.

Summary: UBER STV -- set during WWII, French Underground operatives Anna and Katrine must decide whether or not to trust each other.

Author's notes: "In my world, Janeway and Seven, like Xena and Gabrielle, are soulmates who have been with each other through many lifetimes. This is one of them. Didn't you realize that the holodeck characters in that Voyager episode were based on historical figures?"

Recs and Reviews

  • "Le Coeur de Lion - Is an excellent uber WWII piece that takes place in Nazi occupied France, of the early 40's. It is based loosely, on the STV episode 'The Killing Game.' However, what TPTB have failed to do, JSwrdsmith has accomplished masterfully."[1]


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