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Name: Con Dog (also "ConDog", "LA Con Dog))
Members: Rachel Hughes, Lorraine Anderson, and Mary Mousseau
Date(s): 1999 (or earlier) -2003?
Focus: vidding
Fandoms: Hercules, Quantum Leap, Ghostbusters, Now & Again, Space: Above & Beyond, ER, Galaxy Quest, 10th Kingdom, Star Trek
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Con Dog is a vidding collective that made fanvids in the early 2000s. The members were Rachel Hughes, Lorraine Anderson, and Mary Mousseau. By 2000, the Con Dog vidding collective was submitting their fanvids to Mediawest. One of their credits won an Honorable Mention at the Mediawest Vidding Awards. Their vid "Just When You Need Someone to Turn To" (Beauty & the Beast to the tune of the Sheba cat food commercial) was listed in the Mediawest Vid Show FAQ as an example of a humorous vid. By 2010, their absence from the Mediawest show was missed by several attendees in their convention reports. In 2016, the group submitted a compilation of their vids to the Mediawest vid show in memory of Rachel Hughes who had passed.

Vids shown at Mediawest 2000 and Revelcon 2001

  • credits (won an Honorable Mention at Mediawest 2000) (Animated Cartoon of a Dragon Hanging Flyers At A Convention – A Tail Dragon Production – Original Art by "Sherlock")
  • "It's a Pig" from “By Jeeves” musical Hercules (Humour)
  • "Once Upon a December" from the movie “Anastasia” Quantum Leap
  • "Don't Wipe it on Me, Marie" from the album “If Pigs Had Wings” Ghostbusters (film) Humour
  • "Beauty and the Bees" from the Walt Disney Resort Album Now & Again
  • "You've Got a Friend in Me" from “Toy Story” sung by Randy Newman Quantum Leap
  • "One More Mountain" by Simon & Garfunkel Space: Above & Beyond
  • "Go the Distance" by Lorrie Morgan ER

Vids shown at Mediawest 2001

In 1999 Lorraine Anderson joined the vidding group and began collaborating on fanvids. The following is a partial list of vids:

Whistle Stop Original Art By Sherlock Lorraine Anderson
It's A Pig! Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) Lorraine Anderson
Once Upon A November Quantum Leap Lorraine Anderson
Don't Wipe It On Me, Marie Ghostbusters Lorraine Anderson
Beauty & The Bees Now & Again Lorraine Anderson
You Got A Friend In Me Quantum Leap Lorraine Anderson
One More Mountain Space: Above & Beyond Rachel Hughes
Go The Distance ER Rachel Hughes
End Credits For 2000 Hamsterdance Song Lorraine Anderson
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Classic Star Trek Lorraine Anderson
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables Space: Above & Beyond Rachel Hughes
Gotta Dance Multi Media Lorraine Anderson
I Hate Soup Multi Media Lorraine Anderson
Little Blue Man Galaxy Quest Lorraine Anderson
Overture (Mel Blanc) Quantum Leap Lorraine Anderson
Paper Moon (Cliff Edwards) The 10th Kingdom Lorraine Anderson
Pistol Packing Mama Star Trek: Voyager Lorraine Anderson
Medley Quantum Leap Lorraine Anderson
Medley Various Star Trek Lorraine Anderson
Strange Things Are Happening Now & Again Lorraine Anderson
Cowboys Various Cowboys Lorraine Anderson
Time Warp Dr. Who # 8 Lorraine Anderson
Yoda Star Wars (With Added Picture) Lorraine anderson