Kuchibirukara Sandanju

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Doujinshi Circle
Circle: Kuchibirukara Sandanju (くちびるから散弾銃)
Doujinka: Kira Ukon (右近の綺羅)
Kira Etou (えとう綺羅)
Type: Manga
Fandoms: Gundam 00, Tiger & Bunny, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Ace Attorney, Lamento ~Beyond the Void~, D.Gray-man
Active: 2000s - present
URL: archived website (Japanese)
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Kuchibirukara Sandanju (くちびるから散弾銃) is a doujinshi circle that publishes doujinshi in many fandoms.

One reviewer writes: "Kuchibirukara Sandanju has some really good art and is one of my favorite Harry Potter circles. I do get their books confused with Haribote at times; they have very similar art styles."[1]


Harry Potter

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