Kirishima Eijirou/Bakugou Katsuki

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Pairing: Kirishima Eijiro/Bakugou Katsuki
Alternative name(s): KiriBaku, BakuShima, PopRocks
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia
Canonical?: non canon
Prevalence: High
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Kiribaku, or Kirishima/Bakugo, is a slash ship in the fandom Boku no Hero Academia.


Kirishima is often shown trying to befriend Bakugo and inviting him to class outings. Kirishima is noted as the first at U.A. to become Bakugo's friend. The two have neighboring dorms on campus. Bakugo inspired Kirishima to create one of his power moves: Unbreakable. Kirishima calls Bakugo "Blasty McSplode" and "Explosion Boy." Bakugo calls Kirishima "Shitty Hair" and "Weird Hair."

Bakugo comes to respect Kirishima and call him by his name. When Bakugo was kidnapped by the League of Villains, Kirishima initiated his rescue. According to Midoriya Izuku, Kirishima is the one Bakugo sees as an equal and the only one who could save him without his pride being hurt.

In the BNHA Fantasy AU, it was confirmed through a light novel that Kirishima is Bakugo's dragon shown in one of the anime's endings. Kirishima being Bakugo's dragon was a popular speculation among fans long before the light novel was released.

They are usually paired in official merchandises, alongside many heterosexual ships. According to the festival clothing promotional art, it's shown that Bakugo gave Kirishima his jacket as Kirishima wasn't wearing a shirt. On top of this, it's hinted that it was a romantic gesture, as the caption for Bakugo's outfit stated "...Maybe he gave it to a girl passing by who looked cold?" while Kirishima is the one wearing his jacket.


Kiribaku in one of the most popular ships in Boku no Hero Academia. According to fandometrics on Tumblr, in 2017 Kiribaku was #3 on the most popular ships list[1], the highest BNHA ship on the list. In 2018, Kiribaku was in 6th place, followed by Tododeku in 8th.[2]. As of June 2019, there are over 8800 works on AO3, and it is the second most tagged BNHA ship.[3]It is the most popular ship for Kirishima.

Bakugo's Japanese voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto made a comment in the August 2018 volume of CUT Magazine, saying that "Kirishima is the only one for Bakugo." In another interview in Newtype September 2018 with Bakugo's voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto and Todoroki's voice actor Yuki Kaji, Okamoto says, "Kirishima is such a good guy- he's really a great guy" and Kaji responds "He even brought a suit for him [in the movie], so he must know his measurements" and Okamoto replies with "Thank you for pointing that out for the fans."

The ship gained popularity when it was heavily implied that they were friends in season 3, episode 39, "Game Start" when Kirishima was the one to bring Bakugo to the pool, and the two of them were later shown walking home together as Kirishima tried to comfort Bakugo after the frustrating end.

Oftentimes, the ship is portrayed as Kirishima being the one to make most of the advances in the relationship while Bakugo is often the "tsundere" type and will not properly express his feelings.

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