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Name: Katie McGrath
Also Known As: Kashy McGra
Occupation: actress
Medium: TV, film
Works: Merlin, Supergirl (TV series), Jurassic World, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, The Queen, A Princess for Christmas, Labyrinth (miniseries), Slasher (TV series), Dracula (TV series), Frontier
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Katie McGrath is an Irish actor known within the fandom community for playing Morgana on BBC's TV series Merlin as well as Lena Luthor on Supergirl. Her roles have also included Princess Margaret alongside Emilia Fox's Queen Elizabeth (Fox portrayed her sister on Merlin). She has had mostly small roles in other genre works including Jurassic World and the film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, as well as a prominent role in Dracula.


McGrath developed a fandom during her years on Merlin, her character was often paired with Gwen (Angel Coulby) in fanworks. McGrath also expressed various fandom-friendly thoughts during commentaries on Merlin episodes, indicating she rooted for the primary fandom pairing, Merlin/Arthur, mentioning that her co-stars' friendship was increasingly indistinguishable from their onscreen relationship.

McGrath has had a lesbian following since Merlin, furthered by her appearance as a lesbian character in the 2013 UK series, Dates, along with actress Gemma Chan (who later co-starred with Merlin alum, Colin Morgan, in Humans). This following increased with McGrath's role on Supergirl due to her onscreen chemistry with Melissa Benoist's character Kara, which quickly became integral to the fandom, the two of them becoming the series' biggest ship. McGrath seems supportive of the pairing[1]. Lena Luthor became a popular character in her own right, generating excitement in the series in the second season (which had moved networks). Fandom support increased in Season 3 of Supergirl with addition of her co-star Odette Annable (her co-worker and friend Samantha Arias in the series).

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