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Pairing: Jemma Simmons/Skye
Jemma Simmons/Daisy Johnson
Alternative name(s): Skimmons, SkyeJem, Bad Girl Shenanigans, Bioquake
Gender category: Femslash, F/F
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (MCU)
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Popular
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Jemma/Skye is a femslash pairing of Jemma Simmons and Skye of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fandom.


Canonically the two are close friends and partners, despite initially having very little in common. The grew close in Season 1 with Simmons been instrumental in saving Skye's life when she is shot. In Season 2, Skye is exposed to Terrigenesis and becomes an Inhuman. Although Jemma believes Inhumans are a threat, she wants to help Skye and "cure" her of her powers. Jemma eventually realizes that this is not possible and accepts Skye for who she is.

In Season 4, Skye, now known as Daisy Johnson or Quake, is a fugitive on the run from SHIELD, while Jemma works closely with the new Director of SHIELD. Despite this Daisy turns to Jemma for help, and Jemma protects her friend, caring for her injuries and lying to her boss. They work closely together to save the other members of their team in the Framework.


By the end of the first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Jemma/Skye became one of the more popular femslash pairings in the series. It is still the most popular femslash pairing, and the 6th most popular pairing in this fandom on Ao3. [1]

Most of the fanworks in this pairing build on the very positive friendship these two share in canon, so there is a lot of fluff. There are a number of Hurt/Comfort fics where Skye helps Jemma deal with trauma she experiences in canon, either trauma arising from the Hydra reveal or her time trapped on Maveth. Alternative Universe fics are very popular. These can be canon divergence fics or Non-Shield AUs. While many fics examine how Jemma and Skye could get together, a number of works also focus on their established relationship.

A popular threesome is usually with Leo Fitz, often referred as "Fitzskimmons". The gen pairing of Jemma Simmons & Skye is also very popular.

Elizabeth & Chloe's Comments on the ship

"Elizabeth Henstridge confirmed her continued support for an on-screen romance between her biochemist Jemma Simmons and Chloe Bennet's Skye. Speaking at Sydney's Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Australia..., Henstridge mentioned that Jemma's (platonic) love for Skye. When asked which female character she would like to see Simmons have a relationship with, Henstridge replied immediately “Oh Skye” to great applause before continuing that she is equally eager for this ship as the far more canon FitzSimmons relationship."[2]
"When Bennet was asked in a Reddit AMA last year what she thought of Skimmons she replied “I SHIP THAT SHIT SO HARD.”"[2][3]


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