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Synonyms: Collaboration
See also: Vidding, MEP, Animash, Non/Disney, AMV
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Collab is short for collaboration. This phrase is used by artists across the internet, from drawing collabs on DeviantART to video collabs on Youtube. In general, a collab is when two or more artists work on the same piece of artwork together. Collaborations in art have existed as long as art has, such as with the famous artist Andy Warhol's works.

In the context of Youtube, this means two or more vid artists editing a video together. This is usually done by breaking up parts of the song used inside the video and dividing them by each person. Then it's up to the individual to editing those sections. Video collabs are similar to MEPs, the only difference is that for an MEP it's more than two people working together to create a single vid.

In the context of a drawing, one artist may take up certain tasks (such as the sketch and the lines) while the other artist(s) do the rest (such as color, shading, and the background). Collab art is a big factor in art roleplay games, where in some ARPGs collab art can gain the artists more points than by making art alone.


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