Jane Rucker

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Name: Jane
Alias(es): Obsidia Greaves, Jane6, jane_rucker
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter
Communities: Checkmated
Other: retired
URL: jane_rucker on LiveJournal (deleted)
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Jane Rucker, best known as simply Jane, was a Harry Potter fan writer. She was also known as Obsidia Greaves (also the name of one of her OCs) on The Sugar Quill, where she was a reviewer but did not post stories, and on FictionAlley.[1][2] She posted as "Jane" at Checkmated, Gryffindor Tower,[3] and at FanFiction.Net,[4] where her name was later changed to Jane6.[5]

In early January 2006, Jane removed the last of her fanfiction from the internet. She has requested that her stories not be saved or shared among fans.[6]


Jane joined FanFiction.Net in December 2002,[5] Checkmated in March 2003,[7] and FictionAlley in April 2003.[1] In May 2003, she wrote:

"I read Harry Potter by accident and am now obsessed. I found checkmated because I read Sugar Quills by ShellyK on ffnet, and I could only continue it at checkmated, and I'm glad I did, because hey, nothing like a little tasteful porn at work."[8]

Jane primarily wrote Ron/Hermione stories, several of which also featured Harry/Ginny. One of her stories, Lotharius, contained some slash content: an OMC had unrequited feelings for Ron, and they were forced to be intimate in an AMTDI-type situation. The sequel, Clock, explored the OC's fantasies about Ron. Jane also wrote one Harry/Hermione story, an outtake to ThaliaChaunacy's (R/Hr endgame) Just Desserts.

Retirement from Fandom

Jane appears to have taken her stories off FictionAlley around September 2003,[9] and deleted her LiveJournal and her stories from FanFiction.net around September 2004.[10][11] On January 4, 2006, all her stories except Black Christmas (a collaboration with Portkey) were removed from Checkmated. Black Christmas was also removed when Porkey took her own stories off Checkmated, though it can still be found under friendslock at Porkey's fic journal.

Portkey, the Checkmated administrator who removed Jane's stories at her request, reported that Jane had struggled with the decision to delete her stories from the archive since March 2005. Portkey also asked fans to "honor and respect Jane's wishes that her fics not be saved, reprinted, or distributed in any way or form without her express permission."[6]


  • The Heat Series:
  1. Hot Day -- A short summer ficlet. Harry takes a swim and Ron gets in trouble. Summer before 5th Year.[12] (March 2003 or before)[13]
  2. Torch -- Harry spies on the girls and gets more than he bargained for. (29 April 2003)
  3. Long Night -- Harry can't sleep and ends up spending some quality time with Ginny; Ron and Hermione have it out. (09 May 2003 - 11 June 2003)
  4. Birthdays - A progression of firsts for Ron and Hermione, on their birthdays. (30 September 2003)
  • Injury -- Ron gets hurt, Hermione gets upset, and Harry makes a friend. (March 2003 or before)
  • Therapy -- At Dumbledore's insistance, Harry & Co. get some professional help. (26 March 2003 - 31 March 2003?)
  • Conversations With Dr. Hammond -- Sequel to "Therapy". The Three Musketeers talk to the doctor through his enchanted diary. (01 April 2003 - 06 May 2003)
  • Window -- Ron doesn't want to miss his window, so he visit's Hermione's late at night. Set summer after Seventh Year. (25 June 2003)
  • I suck at titles -- A parody of the worst of HP Fandom. Not intended seriously. It's funny! I'm funny! Read it. Please. (29 July 2003)
  • Lotharius -- Something strange is lurking in the Forbidden Forest, and it needs Hermione... and the consequences of refusal and betrayal are deadly. (18 July 2003 - 15 September 2003)
    • Sequel: Clock (06 February 2004)
  • Black Christmas (co-written with Portkey) -- We all know what happened during the Christmas holiday at Grimmauld Place, but what could have happened?[14] (05 October 2003 - 12 December 2004)
  • Path -- Ron looks back in his old age. (01 March 2004)[16]


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