The Book of Morgan Le Fey

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Title: The Book of Morgan Le Fey
Author(s): LavenderBrown
Length: 185,426 words (41 chapters)
Genre: romance/adventure
Fandom: Harry Potter
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The Book of Morgan Le Fey is a Harry Potter fanfiction novel by LavenderBrown. It is a Ron/Hermione story and has a sequel called The Final Reckoning.


The problem with much of Harry Potter fic is that they cover either a ship (most common) or a plotted adventure (less so). The Book of Morgan Le Fey manages to do both, and in spectacular fashion. And it's told from Ron's POV! As he falls more in love with Hermione, he must first win the girl, then figure out how to do things from there -- without flunking classes, getting killed by Death Eaters or Dementors, or going completely mental in the process. Ron and Hermione are both beautifully portrayed, Ginny and Harry are both rock solid (and not involved in this one), Neville is wonderful, you'll love the new Dark Arts professor, and Luna is not what you'd expect, really. A truly excellent sixth-year outing; the action is well-plotted, tight and suspenseful, the relationships are funny, sweet, mature and realistic (yes, all 16-year-old boys are obsessed with sex), and the writing is simply excellent. Outstanding, one of the strongest HP fics I've read anywhere. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the equally fabulous sequel...[1]

The story along with its sequel was covered in Episodes 68-72 of the PotterFicWeekly podcast.[2]


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