Ivy and Amaranth

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Title: Ivy and Amaranth
Author(s): Thursday_Next
Date(s): 09 August 2013
Length: 41,886 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Ivy and Amaranth (AO3)

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Ivy and Amaranth is a Merlin/Arthur story by Thursday_Next. It was written for Paperlegends 2013.

Summary: While clearing out Morgana’s old rooms, Merlin discovers a pair of unusual magical bracelets. Arthur wants to destroy them, of course, and so begins a quest that will take them over snowy mountains and through rain-soaked forests, dealing with Druids, bandits and inns of questionable repute. With the future of magic itself hanging in the balance and matters complicated by the changing nature of their relationship, Merlin discovers that destiny comes at a price.

marymonroe has drawn several pieces of fanart for the story.[1]

The story was listed as a Merlin Hot Recs August 30, 2013.[2]

Recs and Reviews

Fanart by marymonroe. Merlin and Arthur having a private conversation before the fire with a glass of wine. Graphite.
Who doesn’t like a nice quest fic?

This story starts at the end of series 4 (but before Arthur’s wedding) and takes what happened next in a different direction.

Arthur’s determined to destroy the magical bracelets that were found in Morgana’s room. Their destruction would also mean the destruction of all magic in Camelot, even Albion. Merlin’s determined to stop him.

I had fun reading this. I particularly liked the magic reveal and the parts with the Druids, Arthur seeing how good magic could be. I like Arthur’s desperation, his worry at proving himself the King his people deserve after Morgana took Camelot, not once, but twice. His need to regain their trust and prove them that he was fit to protect them, felt entirely justified. In turn, Merlin’s increasing desperation at wanting to stop him, to preserve magic, but also to not hurt Arthur, and the longing each had for the other were really nice.

And the ending was, I think, what a lot of people would have love to see in the show :D[3]
This is a lovely story, where Merlin and Arthur go on a bit of a quest together, and discover their feelings for each other, and there's a magic reveal, and it's just generally awesome in all ways.[4]
Okay so I love love love canon era fics and this was such a good one! I’m not really sure what else to say, except go read it!! :)[5]


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