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Name: imaginarycircus
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Check Please!, Hunger Games, Spirited, The Sandman, Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, Northanger Abbey, Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Lord Peter Wimsey, X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies), Neverwhere, Skyfall, Emma Approved, Covert Affairs
URL: imaginarycircus (LJ)
imaginariycircus (AO3)
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imaginarycircus is a fanfiction author.

Hawaii Five-0

  • Class Visit - "It's Career Week at Grace's school, and they take a field trip to the 5-0 headquarters. Gracie can't wait to introduce everyone to her two daddies, and tell them what they do-including some stories maybe she shouldn't share; the team has to figure out how to make what they do kid-friendly." (Steve/Danny 2011)
  • Something Else - Danny gets lost in the woods and becomes hypothermic and Steve has to warm him up. (Steve/Danny, 2011)
  • The Adventures of Steven and Daniel - Steve and Danny oogle each other a lot. (Steve/Danny, 2011)