Class Visit

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Title: Class Visit
Author(s): imaginarycircus
Date(s): 18 May 2011
Length: 2,702 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Class Visit (AO3)
Class Visit-Awards.png

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Class Visit is a Steve/Danny story by imaginarycircus. It won the 2012 Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Favorite Awards in the category "Favorite Grace-Centric".[1]

Summary: This was written for the help_japan lightning round auction for ciaimpala. The prompt was: "It's Career Week at Grace's school, and they take a field trip to the 5-0 headquarters. Gracie can't wait to introduce everyone to her two daddies, and tell them what they do-including some stories maybe she shouldn't share; the team has to figure out how to make what they do kid-friendly."


This is so freaking fabulous I can hardly stand it.[2]


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