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Name: Allison Cameron
Occupation: Medicine, with a specialty in immunology
Relationships: First husband (name unknown) - deceased
Gregory House - 1 date
Robert Chase (married,[1] later divorced [2])
Fandom: House, M.D.
Other: Played by actress Jennifer Morrison
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Dr. Allison Cameron is a character from House, M.D.. She is part of Gregory House's original Diagnostics team for the show's first three seasons, and is a recurring character in the following seasons.

Character Overview

Allison Cameron was a fellow under Gregory House on his specialized Diagnostic team during the first three seasons of House, M.D.. At the end of season three, she left House's team. When next we see her, she is working as an attending physician in the ER.

House told her that he hired her 'because [she] was very pretty'. He further explained that it was because 'beautiful women do not go to medical school', figuring that she must be 'damaged' in some way that lead her to pursue a career in medicine. She denied any such damage (and no canon evidence was brought forward to confirm or deny House's claim). Though, she did discuss her deceased husband a few times. She met him when she was twenty-one and they were married, though he only had about six months to live as a result of thyroid cancer that had metastasized to his brain.

She is typically known to be the 'moral compass' of the Diagnostic team, frequently informing House of the ethical or moral implications of his decisions or suggestions.


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Fan Response


The Chase/Cameron and House/Cameron 'ships are both very popular. Less commonly, Cameron is also paired with Remy Hadley, James Wilson, Lisa Cuddy, and Eric Foreman.


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