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Name: Eric Foreman
Occupation: Medical Doctor (neurologist)
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Eric Foreman has been a major character in all five seasons of the medical mystery television series House, M.D.. He is played by Omar Epps. He is the neurologist intern on Dr. House's team, which specializes in diagnosing difficult cases. He left the team at the end of the third season because he feared becoming too much like House, but returned to the hospital in the fourth season in an intermediary position between House and Cuddy, making him the most experiences and highest ranking member of the team besides House himself.

Foreman has many fans but is written about in fan fiction less often than other major characters on the show. Some fans say they dislike Foreman for his arrogance and the way he treats other characters. Others have postulated that there may be a racial bias against writing about him, part of a general pattern in which white fans ignore characters of color (see the article on Race and Fandom). In a LiveJournal post about Foreman Fest, fest organizer Ignaz Wisdom wrote:

When it comes to fandom, Foreman is the most disproportionately underrepresented character in the House canon. Relative to the other characters, and considering his screentime, backstory, and other characteristics, the number of fanworks (stories and art, mostly) featuring him prominently is very, very low.
He is also the only recurring black character. (Vogler was black, but he was also a villain.)
These things exist in relation to each other.[1]

The most popular pairing involving Foreman is House/Foreman. Two new LiveJournal communities dedicated to Foreteen, pairing Foreman with Dr. Remy Hadley, aka Thirteen, were formed in October 2008 in response to new canon.

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