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Name: Helena Rosa Bertinelli
Occupation: vigilante
Relationships: Frank Bertinelli (father);
Michael Staton (fiancé), Oliver Queen (ally/love interest)
Fandom: Arrow
Other: Portrayed by Jessica De Gouw.
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Helena Bertinelli is a Arrow character and is based off the comic book character of the same name.

Canon Overview

The series rewrote her background and motivation by having it been her fiancé murdered by her father, Frank Bertinelli. She later meets Oliver Queen, they start a relationship[1]. He even trains her and shows her his secret identity as The Hood[2] and Oliver wishes to help her not be a killer. However while on a date that they run into Laurel and Tommy, Helena realizes that Oliver was no longer on her side and leaves the city. She returned to the city to track down her father, who turned state to the F.B.I.[3]. She extorts Oliver in to helping her, and when that fails she goes after Felicity Smoak - this leads to a showdown with Oliver and after disarming him, escapes.

When her father is arrested, Helena returns to Starling City[4] for her father. She breaks into the courtroom he is to be tried in and holds everyone as hostages. She calls Oliver and tells him that he would get Laurel Lance in exchange for her father. Team Arrow figures out a way for it to happen to save Laurel, but it goes sideways when a SWAT team commander interrupts the meet - killing Frank and attacking the vigilantes. After being defeated by the Canary, she is arrested by the police - upset that she wasn't the one to kill him but feeling alone since both her father and fiancé were together.


Helena Bertinelli is a common character to find in the Arrow fandom, although she received some criticism for her turning villain appeared in the first season. However, Helena is mainly well-liked character even after holding Felicity Smoak and Laurel Lance hostage and nearly killing McKenna Hall. She is often seen in fanworks portrayed in Tumblr posts that appreciate Arrow female characters.


The main het pairing for Helena in the Arrow universe is Helena/Oliver Queen. Other pairings are for Helena are rare, but do exist. The femslash pairings of Helena/Felicity Smoak, Helena/Laurel Lance, and Helena/Sara Lance have appeared.

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