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Pairing: Helena Bertinelli/Oliver Queen
Alternative name(s): Holiver, Heliver, Hollie, Olina, Arrow/Huntress, Hood/Huntress
Gender category: het
Fandom: Arrow
Canonical?: canon
Prevalence: rare
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Helena/Oliver is the pairing of Oliver Queen and Helena Bertinelli from the TV show Arrow.


In Season 1 Oliver and Helena grew close after being set up by Helena's father[1]. They felt a connection and started a relationship that soon ended due to the two different paths they were on - Helena bent on revenge against her father and Oliver stopping her from killing him[2]. She later returns in Season 1 to get Oliver to help her find her father, only to learn that Felicity Smoak could help her[3]. Oliver discovers the truth and manages to stop Helena from killing her father, but he nearly kills her. In retaliation when McKenna Hall arrives, Helena shoots her and escapes.

In Season 2, Helena returns to Starling City to find her father[4]. After a few attempted chances to catching her father and failing to do so, Helena kidnapped Laurel Lance and offered her up to Oliver for a trade. Oliver does so, but in a confused altercation between a cop and the vigilantes, Helena's father is killed. Helena is later arrested and is taken into custody. She keeps Oliver's secret, however and tells him that he was right - killing her father didn't help her feel any better[5]. Oliver assures her that she's not alone.


Oliver/Helena pairing appeared immediately after Helena's first appearance on the series[1], although the pairing was generally met with mixed feelings. It's one of the more common canon pairings but it's still rare in the fandom. However, the pairing is Helena's most popular pairing for the Arrow fandom.

Although fanfiction is fairly rare to find that is dedicated solely to Oliver/Helena, there are plenty of fanvids on Youtube available. Gifs and picspams are often found on Tumblr.

There is no singular pairing name that fans agree on like other names in the fandom, although "Holiver" seems to be the most common.

"okay i’m sorry but i ship Oliver and Helena so damn much like they’re both so badass together and i know it’s [not] gunna last ... but i just can’t help it"[6]

"I dont care what anybody says I still ship Helena x Oliver ... over every other ship on Arrow!!"[7]

"I really like Oliver/Helena, and I know their relationship is a bit unhealthy, but somehow they deserve each other. Understand each other. ... Meanwhile I want to see Oliver having some fun with Helena. They would make a badass couple."[8]





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